Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Breaking a habit

Do you call it breaking a habit if you want to stop NOT doing something? The habit I want to break is my tendency not to check our answering machine. Recently I reconnected via email with Molly, a childhood friend. She and I graduated from Hattiesburg High together. Now she lives in North Carolina on our route to the Smoky Mountains, and I looked forward to eventually seeing her face to face.

Well, that opportunity came sooner than I expected. Thursday when I was visiting my mother at Provisions Living retirement community in Hattiesburg, Pattye, Molly’s cousin and another childhood friend, knocked on Mother’s door and asked us to come to her parent’s apartment. Molly and her husband had just arrived to visit Pattye’s parents, Molly’s aunt and uncle. We all had a great but brief visit. Molly seemed to me to be just as I remembered her, a slim, trim bundle of energy with a smile that could make your day. When we were teenagers she impressed me as adventurous and fearless, which I was not.

I was chagrined to find out, though, that she had called my home several days earlier and left a message, hoping that we could get together. When she called she was just about seven miles from where I live. We could have had a longer visit. Here’s hoping for that kind of get-together in the future. In the meantime there is email.

Back to the habit issue. The answering machine can supply happy surprises, but only if I develop a new habit and check it! Oh, and does the fact that we even have an answering machine, instead of voicemail, relegate us to the category of technologically impaired -- or just totally behind the times?


  1. Sorry to read about the missed visit - but as you say there's email (so much easier for maintaining a flow of bits 'o news than by phone, for me anyway!) Hopefully it won't be too long till you have another chance to sit and chat in person :-)

    As for an answering machine, I'm about to go back to one, lol. I've had phone mail for years, but with all the various linked charges it's just too pricey (one month of my cyber-phone mail charge(s) will pay for a new answering machine).

    So FWIW, you won't be the only one with a 'vintage approach' to messages!

  2. Ah, "vintage approach"! That sounds absolutely elegant. i feel better already. Thanks!