Friday, January 21, 2022

Travel Challenges

Spectacular view

Hubby's Oct. 4, 2021, snapshot shows me stuck along a walkway above the Pacific Ocean. I had enjoyed the walk, the view and the atmosphere created by those wind battered trees. 

But I confess. I was not up to the challenge presented by the route back down to our van. 

I don't remember now how I actually made it up the walkway by myself. But I definitely remember the anxiety when I faced the downward trek. After Hubby snapped the pix above, he helped me back to our van. 

We continued south encountering more coastal environments, communities and dwellings new and old. Some of what we observed was beautiful, some not so much, but all fascinating.

It is a good thing that Hubby loves being behind the wheel and driving. Since my 2011 hemorrhagic stroke, it is also good for our mutual enjoyment of travel that I can treasure seeing what comes next from my perch in our van. 

Gone are the days when we fulfilled our mutual interest in getting out and experiencing everything up close on our jaunts. Thanks to my thoughtful spouse, though, we are still enjoying travel. 

We are well aware that birthdays herald changes in our lives as we age. But we are also committed to Hubby's mantra, "We'll go as far as we can as long as we can."



  1. Your husband has such a wonderful attitude! And this tree is really spectacular!

  2. I am so glad you still enjoy going...Roger just doesn't any more. And you are so blessed to have a husband that likes to take you and helps you navigate through things.

  3. It is so wonderful that you can travel together and enjoy the scenery and each other’s company.

  4. Your husband is so right and those are words we can all live by.

  5. It amazes me that you are still traveling and I know it is all due to your hubby. he takes such great care of you and I am happy you can still travel

  6. You know, I got chills reading your husband's mantra...that's ours too, for many reasons.
    We are cherishing this chapter of our lives. Turning 80 for Dave has been a shock to his system. He says he feels so much older. we try to take the high road every day though sometimes are more difficult than others.
    I'm so glad you can still get out and see God's wonderful world..keep doing it!

    1. Thanks for encouraging words, Sue. You are a great help in keeping my spirits and determination up. As you commented some days are more difficult than others. Some elders I know lament the changes from getting older. Yours is the best way, cherishing this chapter in our lives!

  7. Walking down is much more challenging than walking up-for me at least.
    You are blessed to have such an encouraging hubby.