Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Carmel rest stop

The selfie above of us resting is evidence of changes in our travel experiences as we have aged. 

We have enjoyed visits to Carmel, California, numerous times in our travels though the years. 

Some of our simple Carmel pleasures "back then" included 

--ambling down Ocean Avenue, 

--window shopping, 

--occasionally buying, 

--enjoying temperatures comfortably cooler than coastal Mississippi's heat and humidity, 

--the food,

--the people.

On this trip, though, the stroll down Ocean Avenue was a challenge. I sat down at every bench I came to and even some stone walls along the sidewalk. 

Window shopping was out. Keeping my eyes on the uneven sidewalk in order to maintain my balance was paramount. I found that even going into the shops was daunting.

Changes in elevation as well as those rough spots in sidewalks eliminated safe use of my rollator. I also tired quickly. 

Hubby, however, had the greater challenge with me hanging on his arm. 

The entire trek he kept me balanced so I wouldn't fall. He was a trooper. We eventually stopped at a restaurant with outdoor seating. 

With a heater close by the temperature was just right. We were happily chowing down when the sun eased above the eatery's roofline and right into my eyes. 

Owwwwwwwch! My eyes had turned extra light-sensitive more than three decades ago. 

Hubby saved the day and our dining experience with the offer of his ball cap.

Thanks, Hubby!

Rested and refueled we headed uphill to our lodgings for the night. I needed one last rest stop. We shared a bench and conversation with a talkative 17-year-old. 

He was gracious, spending part of his weekend Carmel visit answering our questions about his school, his life in the Carmel area and his dreams for the future. In turn, he quizzed us about our travels.

We completed the trek back to our motel room. After several nights of van camping, I enjoyed the amenities, especially a hot bath. 

And the comfort of being able to snuggle up to Hubby, instead of sleeping on separate bunks in our van, was priceless. The bunks are comfortable, but just not as good as his comforting presence. 

There were only two more California coast campground reservations left that Hubby had made for the final segment of our trip.

But surprise, surprise! 

Hubby pronounced that we were going to just let those final reservations go and head home the next day. My formerly hot-natured spouse had had it with cold night-time temperatures. 

The next day Hubby drove through residential areas of Carmel to satisfy one of my travel pleasures--seeing the different architectural styles of lodgings large, small, old, new, town, country, inland or coastal.

And then . . . heading east for home. Whoopee!!

We were five days on the road from California to Mississippi. As much as we enjoyed our 31-day trip, we were ecstatic to be home. 

It has been almost two months since we arrived home, but we are still in the recharging stage that always follows travel for us these days.

Does anyone else have a similar need for down time to recharge their "get up and go" after travel? 



  1. I need recharging time, for sure! I am so sorry, but you are very blessed to have such a wonderful hubby!

  2. agree with Ginny, wonderful hubby to support you and take you traveling. I don't like cold at all. I am not a fan of extreme heat but prefer that to cold. we are not travelers and in 38 years together have never been away from home more than 3 nights. and most of those were visits to my parents 400 miles away. glad you got your views of the beauty of the buildings in Carmel. I have only seen photos. I love riding and looking at buildings also

  3. That sounded like a lovely if exhausting trip. I enjoyed the bench talk with the teen very much. I love it when generations find eachother interesting.
    Glad you are back safely and recharging.

  4. Yes, we often laugh about needing a vacation after our vacation.
    I'm glad you can still travel though its more difficult than before.
    You have a Prince of a husband!!
    Snuggling is a great recharger for sure.
    We need a trip somewhere but I don't think its going to happen any time soon..Boo...

  5. Yes, those thing we though nothing of in our younger years, now take so much more effort.You are blessed to have you Hubby at your side.

  6. I need down time after a shopping trip to Walmart. LOL I am serious..it doesn't take long to recharge, but I sure do not have the energy I had even 5 yrs ago. I can just imagine how good it felt to sleep in your own bed and sit in your own chair/couch.

    1. Yes, those Walmart excursions!! These days I most often stay in our van and read while Hubby shops!and I still need recharging once we arrive at home.