Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Learning from King David

Ark of the Covenant 
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In my annual read-through of the Bible, I came across the account of David's efforts to move the ark of the covenant from Kiriath Jearim to Jerusalem when he became king of Israel.

The ark was designed by God and was important in the Hebrews' worship. David's intentions were honorable. He talked his plans over with his leaders and others. The narrative has no mention that he asked God for guidance.

The ark's moving day started with celebration. It ended with the death of a man who escorted the ox cart carrying the ark. When one of the oxen stumbled, he reached out and touched the ark to steady it.

The man's death was the consequence of not following explicit instructions that God had given Moses about transporting the ark. King David had done his homework before his second attempt to move the ark. 

The Biblical account sparked an examination of my own decision-making process. Good intentions were not enough in David's case and certainly have not been enough in my own life.

I, too, have learned. There have been times when I sought God’s direction before acting. Other times I have forged ahead on a path of good intentions.

At best, results of proceeding on my own did not fulfill what I intended, even if it was intended for good. That was when misunderstandings, hurt feelings, wasted resources or wasted time often resulted, inevitably accompanied by a burden of guilt. 

I am now in my 70s. Age comes with a world of experiencing answered prayer and God's care. You would think that I would not ever neglect praying before making major decisions. 

I'm getting better but definitely still a work in progress!

Blessings to you all in these turbulent times.

 The account of King David's ark experience is from 1 Chronicles 13:1-14 and 15:1-15.


  1. Yes, Linda..this strikes so close to home. I am guilty of running ahead of the Lord too often.
    I like how you applied what you read to life now.
    I need to go back and read the verses and context again.
    You definitely are a master of words.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks Sue. I think often of how you and other blogging friends bolstered my hope and courage after my 2011 stroke. Blessings my friend!

  3. Thanks for this lesson. I also am in my 70s, but still feel like I have so much to learn. God is patient and I am doing my best to follow Him.

  4. all of the major mistakes I have made in my life were NOT prayed about before making them. we are blessed that God gives 2nd chances

    1. and sometimes 3rd and 4th! I can be a slow learner!

    2. and sometimes 3rd and 4th! I can be a slow learner!

  5. Even though God knows ALL about me, I would hate to admit here how far I fall short in this.

  6. So thankful he keeps on loving us!