Wednesday, June 2, 2021


The turtle below is not the first box turtle to come up the ramp that leads to our entry door. It is the first, however, to detour onto the ledge adjacent to our screened porch.

When Hubby spotted this traveler, it was stalled. The ledge wasn't wide enough for a U-turn. And I don't think box turtles are equipped with a reverse gear. 

Hubby rescued the visitor after fulfilling my request for a few pictures with my iPhone. 

Wildlife around our home is really, really wild. Wild and sometimes weird.




  1. I wonder why so many turtles are attracted to your door?

  2. I’m glad you got some pictures. I’m sure he was happy to have help in getting turned around.

  3. Poor little cutie was trapped and no way to go and if he walked off and turned upside down on his back, even worse. thanks for saving him. we love box turtles and when my kids were young we had a few of them for a short while and I made them let them go

  4. Such a dilemma for that little guy. So happy hubby could rescue him and the pictures tell the story. Pretty sure that was turtle concern on his face.

  5. Wow, saved by your Hubby...No reverse gear...made me giggle.
    We have smelled skunk the last few nights..I sure hope they aren't thinking our yard is their new home..but P.U.....

  6. Good thing your hubby picked up on the fact he couldn't turn around or go backwards. I don't think everyone who saw it would have understood that.

  7. Silly turtle! Glad you were home to rescue him.
    We have a box turtle that lives under a huge azalea bush. He occasionally comes out for a stroll, somehow getting into the fenced backyard, and then hanging around the gate in the driveway. So we can let him out and he can return to his azalea jungle home!

  8. Wow, I have never had a box turtle come looking in my house! That is so cool.