Sunday, May 30, 2021

My Bad

In a May 17 post about my botox treatments, I attributed the absence of a photo of the actual injection to Hubby's squeamishness about needles.

I was wrong, wrong, wrong! In spite of his needle aversion, he did record the first of the injections on my left arm and hand before he escaped. About three days ago I saw the photo below on my iPhone.

Life enriching injection

When I saw it I apologized to Hubby for my erroneous post. I also realized that I, too, have an aversion to watching the actual administration of the Botox shots. 

That photo gives me the creeps!



  1. I can't say I like to watch a needle being given to me, but I appreciate what it can do for me or in this case for you.

  2. Seems that they are finding more and more medical uses for Botox!

  3. Sure looks like a big needle. I have seen so many injections on TV lately for Covid that they are pretty old hat now.

  4. Yes, I'm not fond of shots either and usually look away. Glad you do have a record of your life-giving shots though.
    I hope you continue to do well and I'm so glad you are back on the blog.

  5. Isn't it funny how we change...I never minded shots at any time....then a few years ago I had to have one for something and realized I dreaded it. Now I don't mind getting one, but don't want to watch. But when I broke my leg, I had to give myself two shots of Lovenox a day for 40 days...seems like it was actually 42, but I always say 40. And I have to give Roger allergy shots and hate doing that.