Saturday, June 19, 2021


One of Mad Snapper's posts wowed me once again at her facility and enjoyment of discovering and mastering new ways to enhance her blog posts. 

Her visual experiments make me laugh, see unexpected beauty, call forth a tear or see fascinating facets of what would otherwise be considered ordinary.

My admiration and--I confess, envy--stirred up memories of a time in my life when I was in awe of my female in-laws and cousins and quite envious of their outstanding skills in all categories culinary, crafting, home decorating and creating designer worthy apparel.

I recognized and secretly bemoaned the fact that my homemaking skills fell far, far short of those of my cousins and in-laws.  

I tried, Oh, did I ever try. It was a matter of emotional survival at the time. 

But my culinary skills were barely at the survival level. Our young sons did love the "not-from-a-can Sloppy Joes" I fed them on Saturday nights when Hubby was shepherding a Sunday morning newspaper edition to publication. 

But organizing and getting meals on the table in a timely fashion was definitely not one of my strengths. 

My successes sewing my own clothes disappeared in the early years of marriage after I realized my spouse had a better handle on what looked best on me than I did. 

So I only approached my sewing machine for minor garment repairs. It languished while Hubby and I shopped the ready-made offerings at department stores and dress shops.

And I would much rather read than continue lame attempts at creating the crafted items similar to those that graced the homes of my relatives.

I was just the odd duckling among all my skilled relatives.

Finally, though, it dawned on me that I was in a unique position with an attribute that not one of my talented and skillful relatives and in-laws was exhibiting. 

They were all so accomplished that they usually accepted each other's accomplishments with interest but little fanfare.

I, however, was always looking forward to seeing--or tasting--what they would create next, whether delicious meals and desserts, designer-worthy clothing, handcrafted jewelry, or other amazing handcrafts. 

My enthusiasm for their talents was spontaneous. I couldn't contain it. 

Eventually my contribution to the family talent pool became clear to me: The Appreciator. And I was really good at it!

Decades have passed. Appreciating is still my role, and I relish it

No need to measure up. Just do my job and keep enjoying the fruits of their talents!



  1. OH MY! thank you thank you for your appreciation. and I DO APPRECIATE your appreciation. I have a dear friend since 8th grade that is always telling me how she wishes she could do what i do and when they call and I walk them through their computer woes, she calls me Hero. she says she has no talents. She has the gift of serving, she also cooks really well. She is always taking food to people, even those she doesn't know, she truly cares for any and all she meets. her neighbors and friends and church members LOVE her. I tell her, i dont have that and never could. God gave her the servant talent that i wish I could have. you have a talent with writing and I am betting you have other talents you don't realize are gifts.

    1. It's comforting to know someone else who has good cooks and godly servants in her life that she admires and lets her admiration be known.

  2. Without an appreciative audience, others skills would go unnoticed. Yours is a very much needed talent. Well done.

  3. WOW! I think many off us, myself included aspire to be more than what we are. god has designed each of us with unique gifts and talents.I also realize that as I get older those same gifting may change, but I am still useful and valued.

  4. You are a cheerleader and encourager, just like the bible tells us to be!

    1. Thanks, Ginny. And thanks for your intriguing posts that I so look forward to.

  5. An Encourager and showing appreciation is a very lost talent..Bravo for you honing your skill. You are also a wonderful WordSmith...keep it up.

  6. Encouraging words. Giving me the Wordsmith label has me smiling. Thank you.

  7. And don't know how many times an encouraging word is needed. And for people to feel what they do is appreciated is wonderful. And it is wonderful that you feel that.