Thursday, May 6, 2021


Evidence of coastal Mississippi's occasional harsh weather conditions

Live oaks are icons of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

The live oak above on Scenic Drive in Pass Christian is not the largest or most damaged survivor of sometimes harsh conditions, but Hubby couldn't resist photographing its gnarled and broken limbs against a background of blue sky and white sand beach. 

His spontaneous photo session in early March punctuated a Sunday drive to Pass Christian's Cat Island Coffee House.

Once there we settled down to enjoy the view of Mississippi Sound and the city's harbor across U.S 90 from the coffee shop. 

Enjoyment of a vanilla latte for him and hot Earl Grey tea for me was heightened by our drinks being served in actual ceramic cups. 

No styrofoam except for to-go orders. Seems to taste just a tad better in those generous-sized ceramic cups! 

Our Sunday drive was a triple pleasure: 

--a photo to help me resurrect my blog,
--a visit to one of our favorite coffee shops, 

--and visual pleasures of water, white sand beach, graceful old homes that survived Hurricane Katrina, and evidence of new construction on lots where homes did not survive Katrina.



  1. That old tree still has a majestic look to it.

  2. What a wonderful day it was! This tree looks like a work of art.

  3. I am familiar with live oaks from when I lived in Florida and that tree has taken a beating but is surviving. Glad you got an almost normal day out.

  4. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day!!!
    Thank you for visiting me! Hope another great thrift store treasure finds you very soon!!

  5. the tree is a beauty and so is the photo. those 3 things you did and had are on our favorites list also...

  6. I agree a thousand percent on the ceramic cups making things taste better.
    Dave and I call those Oak trees...Poetic Trees...they have a certain motion to them that's almost like music. Beautiful capture and I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. The memories really charge one's batteries.

  7. This sounds like such a pleasant way to spend some time. I love that tree...

  8. That tree was a wonderful photo opp for sure. And, coffee and tea served in real cups was a definite treat!