Monday, June 29, 2015

Reset Mondays

Husband Walter exercised one of the advantages of retirement recently. The day after a weekend with our Louisiana tribe, he declared a Reset Monday.

We have continued to enjoy travel as we have aged, but “reset” days are becoming the pattern when we return home. In fact, I have reset days even when we haven’t been on the road.

Remember the pink Energizer Bunny that keeps “going and going and going”? I definitely no longer keep going and going and going. But I am fine with going then resetting through down time spent reading, phoning, resting.

And I still think that bunny is a great advertising image. See him here

Here’s wishing all you USA blogging buddies a wonderful Independence Day.


  1. Hi LC, Sounds like you've been busy. Even fun times are tiring, and we do need that "reset" time! Hope you're feeling well.

  2. Oh Linda, I'm so glad to see you commenting and blogging again.
    I have missed you.
    Reset Mondays work at our house too.
    Haven't done much today but go out for a late lunch or early dinner.
    Our temps are so hot that it doesn't make me feel like doing much of anything.
    Weather guy is saying tomorrow will be 107F and Wednesday 109 or 110F.

  3. i like the concept of reset day.. good idea. i love that bunny and always have. fond memory.. back in the late 90's, our pastor had one of the deacons dressed in the energizer bunny suit, come down the aisle in the middle of his sermon beating the drum, it was as an object lesson. it made us laugh but got the point accross. the bad thing is my memory has slipped and i can remember what the lesson was. but i do remember the bunny

  4. Thanks Linda. These days, our reset days are more frequent as we glide through life.good to see you are out and about. Long absences coupled with silence make the heart grow anxious.

  5. Hello and really heart warming post. Best wishes!

  6. Hey Linda,
    I was tickled to find your comment on my blog today. I've missed you so much! I hope you and Walter are having a good summer.

    Ed and I find ourselves needing those "reset Mondays" more often, lately. I'm glad Walter suggested a name for those days. From this day forward, our future "down days" shall be dubbed "Reset Mondays" :)

    Take care,

  7. I need those days more often than I might have ever imagined. Hope you are well.

  8. Reset days can be a delightful part of retirement. I like to not go anywhere in a car one day a week, I take a walk but otherwise am home.