Monday, March 30, 2015

Dirt under my nails

Today I came inside from an early morning outing a total mess: dirt under my fingernails, dirt decorating my pants and smudged on assorted patches of skin where I had swatted at hungry mosquitoes.

But there were also two tomato plants in the ground, a bit of weeding accomplished and one ecstatic dirty woman. That was my first “grubbing-in-the-dirt” session in months.

I had let the combination of admittedly minor complaints keep me out of the garden and off my feet. I am a weenie when it comes to pain.

Both Hubby and I wanted me healed up for travel planned for May.  

Home treatment has not worked. It hasn’t helped the skin issues that prohibit wearing the electrical stimulation device that helps me walk. Neither have at home efforts helped ingrown toenail recurrences.

Some cutting by a dermatologist and both cutting and chemical treatment by a podiatrist have been more successful.

I am getting back on track. The toe is healing. The skin has healed. And I am building up my wearing time with the estim. I’m walking out with more confidence and more balance, both physical and mental.

Movement, garden, sunshine, gentle breeze, physicians, the patience of friends and family--blessings all.

Thank you, God.


  1. Wonderful! I do believe that gardening is healing, if you are able to do it.

  2. so glad your weather allowed you to play in the dirt. and that you were able to play. on the shubject of ingrown toe nails, are your shoes maybe to tight in the toe? have you thought of mens shoes? my toe problem went away when i stopped wearingg shoes and went to sandals and for walkers mens shoes. they allow the toes to do their thing. just a thought

  3. You sound great. Sunshine and playing in the dirt conquers all our troubles.

  4. Makes me long for the spring to come......... we are still in the throes of a wild and cold spell of weather. Keep getting well.
    Blessings from Dalamory

  5. Oh Linda, I'm so glad you are able to get some dirt under your fingernails.
    That's Great!!

    Keep up the good work and you will be ready for your trip in May.

    Happy Easter to you and yours too.


  6. It's so good to know you're out and about again. I've missed you!

    Lately, I've been experiencing a few trials of my own, but, I, too, have found working in the dirt to be therapeutic :) We've planted 16 rows of veggies--by hand! Oh our aching backs...

    I'm glad you were able to spend time with family, even if the 'grands' were headed in other directions, this year.

    I know you're looking forward to that trip in May :)

  7. I hope you get all healed up for your trip:)