Friday, September 18, 2015

Shock treatment

My stroke-survivor fashion accessory: the cuff in my Bioness L300 foot-drop system

I am test driving a new kind of electrode for the Bioness L300 foot-drop system. The Bioness helps me walk in spite of the effects of a 2011 hemorrhagic stroke.

L300 large cloth electrode

My experience so far with the L300 large cloth electrode has been good. I am gradually increasing my time wearing the Bioness cuff with the new type of electrode.

It may well be the key to avoiding the skin irritation that had developed with the hydrogel electrodes and has plagued me off and on for about a year.

What I haven’t avoided are consequences of losing track of what comes next in tasks I may be involved in. And this time, Dear Hubby suffered the consequences.

He was in the bathroom thoroughly soaking the cloth electrode, a necessary step before snapping the electrode into place on the cuff. I already had my shoes on, including the left shoe with Bioness sensor and transmitter. I also had the control unit attached to a lanyard that I had just slipped around my neck. 

I failed to realize, however, that my husband had taken the cuff with him. And I had totally forgotten that the final step--my putting the cuff on just under my knee--had yet to occur.

I pressed the control unit’s “on” button. Hubby’s voice boomed from the bathroom, “Turn off your Bioness!”

My turning the unit on had delivered a jolt of electricity as my unsuspecting spouse was snapping the electrode into place on the cuff.

Now I check and check again to be sure the Bioness cuff is in place before I attempt to “turn my leg on.”

Sorry Babe!


  1. Dear Linda,
    Oops, sorry about Walter's 'shocking experience' with your electrode... Chalk it up to the joys of growing older, and we all have them! :)
    It's so good to see another post from you! I've missed you a lot.
    I've been dealing with back problems for 5 months, and am now recovering from recent back surgery, so I haven't been on line much, lately. ( I have a new understanding for not being able to go where you want to go, or do what you want to do...) I hope to return to blogging on Monday. Hope to 'see' you again soon... Take care!
    Kathy (Reflections by Kathy)

  2. This is shocking! (Sorry, I couldn't help say that!) I sure hope this gadget works of you. And I hope neither of you has to submit to another shocking experience.

  3. poor babe... what a shock... that said this is like a miracle, so glad you can turn your leg off and on and thanks for my morning chuckle.. so glad to see you pop up in blogland.

  4. Ha, a bionic lady!

    I remember that the bionic man could do quite a bit of harm too.