Thursday, June 12, 2014

Remembering May 2014--Eye-catching transportation

Vehicular eyelashes

Eyelashes on vehicles? I have seen several vehicles so embellished in the past year. But the small green car in the Walmart parking lot was especially striking.

It tickled my funny bone and prompted me to pull out my camera. When I was slow achieving the angle I needed, Husband Walter volunteered to take my camera. 

Ah, success. I was happy with the image he snapped, He was happy to get our just-purchased fresh veggies home to refrigeration promptly.

As I write this I wonder if the owner of that flirtatious auto has given her--definitely a her--a name. 

I think Lulu would be appropriate.

Today would have been my mother's 95th birthday. I still miss her. She had a wonderful sense of humor. I think she would have gotten a kick out of that car with eyelashes.


  1. Check out my post a day or two ago. The first photo is of Rita's car Stella, who has eyelashes. Apparently, no one noticed.

    The eyelashes on your green car are huge.

  2. This is so totally cool! There must be none around here, because I have never seen one before. Now I want one for our car, she is red, so would be a real siren!

  3. i really did laugh out loud when the post opened. this is adorable and Lulu sounds good to me..great shot... and i love it.. my mom would have wanted this car.

  4. Ha! Ha! Lulu sounds like a perfect name for the green car with eyelashes :)

  5. Ha! Ha! Lulu sounds like a perfect name for the green car with eyelashes :)

  6. No matter how long my Mom has been gone, I still miss her too. It will be 19 years this Christmas.
    I still think when I see something interesting or different, oh I should call Mom and tell her about it.
    I definitely would have taken that picture too.
    Lulu is the perfect name Linda.
    What a delightful find.

  7. Quite unusual that's for sure...:)

  8. Oh my goodness. I've seen the tiger tails hanging out the backs of car trunks around here, but eyelashes? New one on me. Thanks for sharing--too cool! And funny.

  9. Yes, that leaves me grinning too.