Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Remembering May 2014--Celebrating with our youngest grand

Superheroes guard Walker’s birthday cake.

On May10 Husband Walter and I joined grandson Walker, his family and friends in Baton Rouge to celebrate his birthday anniversary #4.

Walker's cake-topper hero, Captain America 

His mom and dad had pulled together at their home a superheroes party featuring some of the characters that Walker and his friends emulate in their play.

We arrived a few minutes early. Walker recognized Nana and Baboo as excellent candidates for introduction to the huge bouncy house his parents had rented with set up and take down included. Our enthusiastic four-year-old (minus two days) guide pointed out each feature of the blow-up rental.

Then he climbed through the entry guarded by a giant Batman. He bounced, climbed and slid down a huge slide that was part of the bouncy house. And he checked with me regularly to be sure that I was watching him or to alert me that I needed to pay special attention to the next maneuver he planned.

 Walker engages in birthday fun.

Soon other guests arrived, and Walker and his posse of neighborhood four-year-old boys put the bouncy house to constant use. Their enjoyment was evident in laughter, non-stop action, cheeks red from exertion and clothes drenched with perspiration.

Meanwhile the girls, all Molly Kate’s neighborhood friends and older sisters of Walker’s buddies, enjoyed the party with Molly Kate. They dipped into MK’s supply of princess and fairy attire. They accessorized lavishly and buzzed around in their own non-stop action.

I didn’t hear any complaints of little brothers intruding on the girls’ occasional retreats to MK’s bedroom. Maybe the boys were too intent on their own fun to be tempted by the appeal of tormenting their sisters.
 Molly Kate "brother-proofs" her room.

Or maybe the signs MK created and posted had an effect. During a visit in March, I first saw the warning above on MK’s bedroom doors from the hall and from the jack-and-jill bath.

*     *     *     *     *

Walker at three years old

Our son Jeremy posted on Facebook this conversation shortly before Walker’s 4th birthday:

Jeremy: As I'm waiting for Walker to fall asleep, his tiny little voice whispers, “Daddy...guess what!”

Jeremy: “What?”

Walker: “I love sleeping.”

Jeremy: Thinking about getting him a man card for his birthday.

Our littlest man is a baby no longer.


  1. Absolutely delightful. that grin on Walker's face as he goes down the slide is priceless.
    You are fortunate to be able to celebrate with the Grands. I can see they love having you there too.

  2. Going down the bouncy slide, that picture is priceless! Happy birthday, beautiful boy.

  3. Awwww...what a cutie!! And the conversation with his dad right before bed was so touching. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful grandson. Have I told you how much I enjoy your writing style?

  4. It will be very much enjoyable to celebrate kids birthday! Cake and the topping looks good!

  5. Welcome back to blog land, and thank you so much for your many comments yesterday!

    I can see from this post, you've been busy having the best kind of fun :) It's hard to believe that little Walker is 4 already! I love the picture of the look on his face, as he is coming down the slide of the bouncy house. (Those things are neat, aren't they?)

    Glad you made it home safely, and I'll be looking forward to hearing what else you've been up to lately!

    P.S. I just love Molly Kate's sign on her door :)

  6. what a fantastic smile he has..he is a big boy now.. from your words i can feel the joy in the jump house and just see those girls all dressed up.. great party, glad you could be there

  7. They grow up so fast. My youngest grand is 10. In October, I am making the trip to CA to see his Halloween costume , probably for the last time. You are so fortunate to have your kids nearby.

    My granddaughters lived nearby until they all left the nest.

    None of my granddaughters are married, but two with serious beaus. One of them is thinking about buying her own house with her beau. Big step!

  8. And Happy Birthday to Walker who fits his name.

  9. Wow, I don't know what happened to my comment I left yesterday.
    All I can say is Happy Birthday to all your Grands.
    Walker has the cutest smile and such bright and sparkly eyes.
    There truly is nothing like our Grandkids.

  10. Now after publishing the comment my first comment suddenly appeared. Oh well, it's always fun to stop by your blog anyway. (:0)

  11. What a cute kid. And that sign on the door made me laugh. I remember those days.