Friday, January 24, 2014

That’s just plain rude!

Anna, one of our favorites at Coffee Fusion

Today at our second home, AKA Coffee Fusion, Anna, a manager there, stopped by our table. Conversation ensued about her attempts to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels through diet and exercise as an alternative to starting prescription medications. 

She gave me a new slant on one of the realities I find aggravating as I face the same challenges. 

 “They put sugar in everything. That’s just plain rude!” she said.

I understand her frustration. Hats off to Anna and to all of us who are trying to go healthier and who deal with the frustrations that accompany lifestyle changes.

Have a healthy weekend!


  1. she is a cutie... and don't forget the salt they add to everything. the frozen foods section is pure salt and of course sugar

  2. You are so right about sugar and salt in everything. Our bodies need a bit of salt but I think we can do without the sugar....why is it so hard though?
    Seems my favorites are filled with it.
    Having this horrible cold has helped me stay away from most of it. Nothing tastes right. I think my taste buds died.
    Love the shot from your "second home".

  3. Label reading has become an art form.

  4. Yes, we have to watch what we eat and drink. The latest news is that there is an ingredient in the caramel coloring that makes Pepsi and Diet Pepsi carcinogenic. Who knew!

  5. She sounds just like my husband...he is diabetic and he has to ask so many questions when we eat out. There are so many hidden ingredients in restaurant food! Especially sugars.

  6. Labels have become masters of illusion and deception. You think you are doing all right till you read portion size. Who are they kidding.

  7. It is tough to eliminate 'real' suger from our diets, but Splenda is splendid. Dianne

  8. The only trouble about label reading is that even with my glasses I still need a magnifying glass. Anna is right though - salt and sugar in too much. Wish we had a coffee shop in our village.
    Blessings from Dalamory