Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boy cousins

Orange-slice smile.
When Walker, our youngest grandchild, arrived at the restaurant where we gathered with our sons and families for a holiday breakfast, he immediately claimed a seat between his older cousins Luke and Nate.

Seated across from the three boys, I was in full grandma mode. I found the way brothers Luke and Nate included their three-year-old cousin endearing. Husband Walter captured the snapshots of Walker having fun with the “big boys.”  

Three-year-old Walker, right, with oldest Skupien cousin Luke, 11 

Nate, 9, gives Walker bunny ears. 

Three of my blessings.


  1. Sweet photos - I have grandchildren about the same age and also love seeing them interact.

  2. 3 beautiful blessings.. love that fruity smile. LOL

  3. Orange you glad you got that sweet smile???
    Terrific memories and precious Grands.

  4. I can see the family resemblance between Walker and sister Molly Kate. (Did I get that right?)

  5. What cute boys! You and Walter are certainly blessed.

  6. Your Walker reminds me of our Chase, a lot. Aren't little grandsons entertaining? Little girls are, too, but, as you know, boys are going to be boys :)

    Thank you, once more, for your sweet comments. I'm flattered and honored, and you were my #1 comm-enter for 2013, according to my blog statistics. Thanks for being my friend and thanks, always, for your prayers :)

    Have a great weekend!