Thursday, December 19, 2013

The decorating elves

Christmas elves at work

Our six grands and their parents officially ushered in the Christmas season for Husband Walter and me by helping us decorate the Christmas tree after our Friday Thanksgiving feast.

Grandkids are one of the great blessings of our getting older. And our tribe’s participation in the tree-trimming tradition was a memory I savor. Thank you to sons and daughters-in-law for carving out the time for togetherness and for fueling enthusiasm in their offspring.

 Non-stop decorators

 Attention from older cousin Nate, left, has Walker all smiles. (Photo by Katie)

Dad helps Molly Kate reach new heights of decorating. (Photo by Katie)

Walker to the top (Photo by Katie)

 Tree-elf cousins Molly Kate, left, and Charlie (Photo by Katie)

Among Stella’s favorites: Ponies and angels

Our big guys take time out to observe and direct.

‘We did it!’ (Photo: by Katie)

 Post tree-trimming, granddaughter Charlies’ paper folding enticed our “big girls,” daughters-in-law Katie and Sarah, to resurrect childhood skills that kept the grand girls engaged.
Katie and her handiwork

The day ended with everyone settling down to bed. The three little girls had their own “sleep-over.” After giggles and whispers, they fell asleep in sleeping bags on the floor in front of the newly decorated Christmas tree.

It was a grand day that will not soon be forgotten by this Nana.


  1. How wonderful! And the next to last picture, they all look so HAPPY! Of course my favorite is Molly Kate and Charlie!

  2. What a delightful day for the kids. They are the ones for whom the magic of Christmas is still fresh and almost unbearably exciting.

  3. you had a grand day with the grands. i love the we did it photo and the helpers lifting the kids up high to hang the ornaments. decorating elves are a good thing.

  4. You all created fabulous memories for your grands.

  5. All darling and Kate is my favorite with her big red bow.

  6. This is such a feel good post Linda.
    You have captured what the essence of Christmas is all about.
    Of course we remember what the reason for season is all about too.
    Love the photos of your Tribe.