Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stroke recovery update: Bridge walking

New distance record

There are just a few hours left in 2013. I am not going to make my goal of walking the 1.7-mile length of the Biloxi Bay Bridge end to end.

But walking buddy Ann and I have made it to the shrimp plaque at eight-tenths of a mile twice now.  Both times the weather has been beautiful.

Shrimp boats

The day we reached the .8-mile marker the first time, shrimp boats were passing beneath the bridge on their way to harvest those delicious Gulf of Mexico crustaceans.

We stopped to take in the view and spotted a mama dolphin and her calf. That made two firsts for me that day--the .8-mile marker and the mother dolphin and calf. I had seen a mama and baby manatee in the wild before, but the pair on our bridge walk was my first sighting of a dolphin mama and baby.

Only .9 mile to the end of the bridge

At eight-tenths of a mile the marker is almost half way to the Biloxi side of Biloxi Bay. We have been walking nearly equal to 1.7 mile as we walk toward Biloxi then retrace our steps back to Ocean Springs and Ann’s vehicle.

Over coffee and tea at Coffee Fusion after our most recent walk, Husband Walter floated an idea that Ann and I liked. Here’s the plan: 

For our next good-weather bridge walk, Ann will park as usual on the Ocean Springs side. We will ride with Walter to the Biloxi side of the bridge, and Ann and I will walk back the full length of the bridge to where Ann’s vehicle awaits.

Hubby had an ulterior but benign motive. His suggestion was a strategy to avoid what could prove a lengthy wait for us at the Biloxi end of the bridge, depending how long my rest stops would be at the benches on the bridge. 

As part of his plan, once he drops us off, he can wait in the comfort of Coffee Fusion with a latte, his computer and free WiFi.

And I won’t have to gradually work up to making the 1.7-mile one-way distance then another 1.7 mile back to Ann's car. The 3.4-mile round trip will be a longer-term goal.

I hope to be celebrating accomplishment of the end-to-end bridge walk goal at Coffee Fusion one day early in 2014.

Happy New Year! 


  1. Good for you! I like your spunk. I look forward to celebrating your victory when you post about it in 2014. We're counting down the hours here in CO until the New Year. I think our count might end a couple hours early - not sure we can make it 'til midnight! Good health and happiness to you and your family in 2014.

  2. Your hubby is a smart man with his coffee plan, while he waits for you, and I admire your goals and achievements. In a way it is not so much the goal but your journey, gaining strength, enjoying the views and your friend's company.

  3. congrats on your reaching the mile marker.. wow.. and you have a really smart hubby... i would love to see a baby dolphin.. Happy New Year

  4. That sounds like a wonderful plan! I hope you all have a healthy and happy new year. Aloha from Hawaii.

  5. Having goals and having guts - Each something you have in spades, as we would say. Every Blessing for 2014. Freda from Dalamory www.freda.org.uk

  6. I was thinking along the same lines as Walter and think it is a perfect solution for all. Let us know when you do it and have Walter take your picture as you reach your goal.

  7. Good for you Linda. Love your Hubby's plan, it's good for both of you.
    I like that you set goals and I know this one is attainable.
    Wishing you and your sweet husband a wonderful new year full of adventure and simple pleasures.

  8. Your new 'bridge-walk' idea sounds like a plan to me :) I hope you'll get to put Walter's plan into action soon.

    Happy New Year to you and Walter!

  9. Bravo....and I know you are doing it as you manage the 1.6 round trip now. :)

    I've run into a problem with my dear husband. He see's those rental scooters, and instead of letting me walk rents a scooter. My thought processes are so slow now that only about half an hour in do I realize I should have said no. :) I'm learning but slowly.

  10. Glad see you keeping up the good fight. More power to you....:)

  11. Somehow, I got the idea the weather was good every ay in winter down your way. Good for you walking so far on land. Dianne