Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas procrastination

Angel amidst soothing green

I am supposed to be working on Christmas gifts right now, finishing online orders, wrapping and bagging, sorting stocking stuffers, making a list of things I’ve missed and checking it twice.

Obviously that is precisely what I am NOT doing. My intentions were good. But I bogged down in my survey of different models and brands of a relatively inexpensive piece of electronics gear that appeared on son #1’s wish list

Then I labored through an excruciating episode of operator error as I attempted to select the correct options for the ordering and shipping of several books and toys.

When I finally closed the deal, I drifted off into wondering what I was doing this time in Decembers past. That sent me to posts I published shortly after I started blogging in 2009. A December 11, 2009, post brought back memories of a trip to Savannah, Georgia, 18 months into my retirement.

Gardens and green can rejuvenate me, even via that four-year-old blog post, “Savannah sampler: Green.”


  1. Savannah is so beautiful. Love the angel. I am giving the gift of money…that's what grandkids want. Dianne

  2. Oh and lots of yarn for Hannah's projects.

  3. I did checkout your link. I would love to go to Savannah!

  4. Shopping can be overwhelming at times--even on line! I, too, am having a bit of trouble staying on task, this year. (Could it be aging?)
    I checked out your post about Savannah. You know, Ed and I lived there the first 5 years of our marriage, and we only live 65 minutes away now, but I've never really toured the city! Shame on me.

  5. when this post opened, i thought the angel looked like the ones in Bonaventure and i was right. my home is Savannah and i used to take my boys to play while mother and i wandered this wonderful cemetery...

  6. Yeah, going into a reverie is so much more pleasant than struggling with technology.

    Although I too buy a lot online I miss the human touch. And when you come up against problems, a human being face to face can be a great help.

  7. You sound wonderfully confused. I was so lucky with my online shopping this year. Only one site didn't remember me, but paypal did. You are looking good, sounding good too. You are one of my stroke/sisters, and we are all here cheering you on.

  8. Ah well, you can do it tomorrow after therapy on your own. Are you joining me in the water?

  9. You still make me laugh. How is the shopping and wrapping going.

  10. I fancy an angel like that for our garden - the birds would love it too. Blessings from Dalamory

  11. RYN: I discovered that our pool has both a ramp and a lift and a hot tub LOL I do about an hour in the big pool and fifteen minutes in the hot tub. No ramp, but there's a lift for the hot tub.

  12. I am a A#1 procrastinator.

    I should be doing a gazillion things right now but as you can see...
    My computer is finally working a bit better so I am trying to post a few pictures.
    Okay, I feel guilty now so I had better get going on my projects.
    Love you Linda and I will be back.
    Keep plugging along..what's important will get done.