Tuesday, April 23, 2013

While waiting for beignets in NOLA

Saturday Husband Walter and I were waiting for our order of beignets at a packed Café du Monde in New Orleans’ French Quarter. I was busy people watching when it registered that couples and groups all around us were snapping photos, all with heads close together.

Couples, groups of girlfriends, parents and kids, all enjoying a festive, perfect day. I caught the photo frenzy.

“Walter, I want a picture of us.” He took several shots with my camera.
Where’s Hubby?

His attempts caught me but missed himself.

He handed me the camera for me to try. I got both of us in the frame but a wobbly hold created fuzzy results. Hubby tried teamwork, me aiming and snapping with his hand steadying my forearm.


And that is our record of a happy day, just in time to stash the camera and enjoy the beignets that arrived hot and piled with powdered sugar.


  1. This is a WONDERFUL picture, and a reminder of a good day. You should use it as your Christmas card!

  2. What a sweet photo of the two of you. I try to have the waitress take our picture, too.

  3. What a great photograph of you two! Apparently you make a great team :)

  4. You both look plenty happy even before those yummy treats arrived!

  5. wow and what a success that last photo is... i am totally impressed with the two of you getting such a great self portrait. i have never tried this. bob will not let me since he doesnt like his photo itaken, i have to snap him when he is not looking...

  6. What an adorable picture. Glad you kept it up till you got him in it also. Sounds like a great day all round.

  7. you both look great. I should have had Al take a photo of David and me. Oh well, maybe next time Connie visits.

    Glad you had a happy day. The weather is lovely this time of year and NO is so beautiful. Dianne

  8. Absolutely wonderful. Love your sweet portraits.
    Topping off the great photo with beignets....what could be better? Nothing.
    We had some of those wonderful artery cloggers when we did conferences in Nola too.

  9. Oh, just flat out loverly. And the bignets too. What more could one want out of a day.

  10. A lovely photo of the two of you. Every Blessing www.freda.org.uk