Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday maneuvers

Lilies grace the front of Wendy’s, our Monday lunch stop.

Monday was a busy day for the residents of the Skupien household. Our number has increased to three as of March 23. My mother-in-law, Grandma Sugar, is recuperating with us. She had some setbacks several weeks after installation of a new heart valve in early March.

After home therapy for her and occupational therapy at Ocean Springs Hospital Neuro Rehab Center for me, Husband Walter loaded us into our van. Our destination was Wendy’s, one of Grandma Sugar’s favorite fast-food chains.

I was pleased with the choice, too. Wendy’s is one of the few fast food stops that offer something that easily falls within my low-salt regimen. A Wendy’s baked potato with a bit of butter and sour cream, while not exactly at an elegant venue, is tasty. It satisfies my appetite and the urge for an away-from-home experience.

A plus was the landscaping in an area where I could safely entertain myself with photographic attempts while Hubby and Mother made their way inside.

A close up of a blossom I enjoyed
It amazes me how much pleasure resulted from a brief encounter with the rich green of the lily’s lance-shaped foliage and the colors accenting the pristine white blooms of about four inches diameter.

A marketing mannequin
Our ride home took us past a bar and grill with a fair weather marketing device.

When I first spotted her several months ago in front of the eatery beside U.S. 90, I was startled.  A few moments passed before reality dawned. “She” was an “it,” not a real person. U.S. 90 is the main east-west roadway for most of our coming and going. I now watch for that figure.

She only appears on clear days, waving an orange flag. Upcoming holidays are always reflected in the mannequin’s attire. The clothing changes regularly even in the days and weeks between holidays.

 When I told Hubby I wanted to snap some photos of the weird addition to the landscape, I thought he had forgotten. He hadn’t. He had snapped a bunch of images for me.

The photos alerted me that she was minus one arm. I don’t know if her arm was missing the whole time she has been on advertising duty or if it was a recent condition.  

Either way, even a mannequin can apparently stir my sympathy for other survivors who have lost the use of some parts or lost those useful parts altogether.


  1. Applebees near my daughter carry Weight Watchers items. This is very helpful. Also, they have a nicely landscaped setting. I am so happy that the fast food restaurants are catching on that they don't have to be ugly. Dianne

    Best wishes to Grandma Sugar. Been thinking about her. Dianne

  2. i to am feeling hurt and sympathy for those who have lost their lives and limbs in Boston. such a beautiful flower to be at a mcDonalds.

  3. I can't imagine what those who lost limbs are going through. Such tragedy.

    Glad you were able to have an outing. That baked potato sounds mighty good to me.

  4. My in-laws in Boston are safe. It's just too bad that some people with evil in their hearts find so much joy in bombing and killing their fellow human beings.

  5. Your mannequin photo reminds me of a time when we had one of those outside of a local carwash! The owner of the carwash would dress the mannequin in various amusing fashions, and she kept us entertained :)

    I hope Grandma Sugar is feeling better soon!

  6. Well, it is a very good marketing ploy, because everyone is bound to look. I forgot that Wendy's have baked potatoes! So is Sugar living with you for awhile now?

  7. What a fun outing. Thanks. :)

  8. Beautiful lily photos.
    I haven't been to Wendy's for simply ages. Baked potatoes are one of my favorites...I need to remember that Wendy's has them.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Linda.