Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weird but wonderful

Nate sports a new head.
Easter weekend took on new dimensions with the imaginations of our grandchildren at work. Saturday morning Grandson Nate appeared with his little cousin Walker’s riding toy on his head.
Luke dons a Halloween leftover.
Oldest Grandson Luke added to the horror show with a gruesome monster mask from Baboo’s Halloween fun of years past. The youthful monsters enjoyed my exaggerated horror and their sister’s shrieks.

Art trumps horror
The girls’ terror was evidence that they were just being good sisters. They quickly returned to their artistic efforts.

 Monsters unmasked

Precious moments indeed!


  1. Yes, wonderful memories...and pictures!!!

  2. Cheery thoughts, cheery photos!

  3. precious memories and tons of fun..

  4. And horrible they looked. Happy to discover the little boys inside. Note the girls have better things to do. Dianne

  5. It looks like they were all having a lot of fun.

  6. Precious memories of time spent with Grandchildren!

  7. Love seeing your sweet kiddos and their sense of humor.
    Isn't it fun to have them around?
    Linda, thank you so much for the prayers while I was in Mexico.
    I really felt the Lord's presence.
    It was an amazing time and many things were accomplished.
    9 homes were built, 23 Daily VBS were done, sports clinics, Festivals at 18 sites everyday and just general loving on the precious kids of Mexico.
    My son was the head of a 4 person photo team that documented each of the houses being built from beginning to the receiving of the house keys, but more importantly, they took thousands of photos of the kids and families that have never had a professional portrait of themselves.
    They took the pictures, printed them right on the spot, framed them and handed them to the people. If there wasn't electricity available they ran the printers off the truck batteries. Awesome stuff. The looks and the tears were worth everything.
    I have to look up the link so you can see these for yourself.
    My heart is full and I feel so blessed.

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  9. See if this link will work to see Mexico photos.


  10. Darn, it didn't highlight so you can't just click on it and go to the site.
    if you go to the first part...www.baysidepictures.com and click on The Bayside of Granite bay icon and go into Mexico 2013 it should work.
    I'll try it that way now and see.

  11. Boys will be boys, won't they? Funny!

    You are so right, precious moments, indeed, as they are all growing up so fast.