Saturday, January 19, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

I am slowly catching up with blogging friends since my repaired computer came home and since Husband Walter has gradually started feeling better after a painful and scary introduction to gallbladder issues the Friday before Christmas.

Today I visited Freda’s blog What’s the Story in Dalamory and encountered the Jan. 12 post Twelve Resolutions. Her chronicles and photos of the terrain and natural environment she encounters around her home in Scotland are a source of pleasurable armchair travel.

But her observations on the emotional, spiritual and ethical terrain of the human heart always make me examine the condition of some aspect of my own interior life. Today she had me pondering the fact that today is Jan. 19. It is 19 days into the new year. And what about my 2013 resolutions?

I have not even thought about resolutions. Freda’s 12 were admirable and inspiring, and I appreciate her willingness to share them. The best and most needed one I should make is to Do It Now, instead of procrastinating. 

Alas, it is already Jan. 19, so I think I will probably put that resolution off till 2014. So I guess resolution #1 is to consider procrastination an art and to further develop my natural talent.

Several months ago, at my occupational therapist's urging, I started keeping a list of new ways I involve my stroke-affected left hand in daily activities. Resolution #2 will be to continue adding to that list as a way to celebrate life’s small triumphs, comedies and wonders.

As a variation of my late mother’s daily to-do lists, such a list will also serve as a reminder of the creativity and humor Mother exercised in her joyful approach to life. She had always impressed me with her ability to check off every single item on her day's to-do list by the end of the day. It wasn't until I was nearing 60 that she shared her secret. She would write a specific item down on her list only after she had accomplished it. Then she would check it off.

May all your resolutions bring joy and satisfaction to you and those you care about. Wishing a belated but sincere happy 2013 to all!


  1. I love your mother's tip! Now,no more guilt over what's left undone. I hope your husband is recuperating well.

  2. I'm afraid the only way I could succeed at resolutions would be using your mother's method! That's not bad. It's just that I know myself well enough to understand I always over-assign myself.

  3. Rsolutions, schmezolutions! I think you and I should live day by day! And I am doing the same thing as you! I have started a pretty glass jar in my kitchen. Each time something really good happens, or I get blessed, or I am happy, or I have a big thanks...I write it down on a colorful square of paper and put it in the jar. As they keep piling up I can count my blessings and have these things to read and be thankful when I get blue.

  4. I love that approach. Would eliminate any feelings of failure at the end of the day. Will give it a try--tomorrow. I do have my procrastination trait fully developed.

  5. Yeah, I procrastinate too! I keep putting off the necessity to dust my furniture. Ugh! Maybe I should host a dinner party. That will most certainly force me to dust. Lol.

  6. Haha, I just read gigihawaii's comment and had to smile.
    I procrastinate all the time and now that we are having weekly Bible study at our house...forced dusting! (:0)
    Having the kids over for lunch today after church so there is a certain amount of straightening to be done.
    I really don't like to do resolutions because I know I probably won't keep them. I guess i am a bit wishy washy..
    Keep plugging away at the therapy and recording life's little triumphs. That's really where the "real" life is anyway.
    I am praying your Hubby continues to get better. Those attacks are scary.
    Take care and have a wonderful day.

  7. Barb, welcome! I just visited your blog and will be back regularly to learn more of your journey "new life" journey at the edge of a beautiful Colorado wilderness.

    Lyn, I know what you mean about over-assigning. One how-to book diagnosed people like you and me as turning to-do lists into brainstorming sessions. We wind up with a daunting,impossible list of tasks.

    Ginny, thanks for the idea. I have the jar. Getting that bright paper is next. It's a treat. I usually don't like to shop. But I LUUUUUUUUVE shopping for office supplies and before that for school supplies.

    Patti, I love and admire all my efficient, organized and prompt relatives and friends. But encountering fellow procrastinators is a boost.

    Gigi and Sue, I had to laugh. Hubby and I share with you the double joy of having guests--enjoying visits with loved ones and the results of our cleaning whirlwind that gives us at least a semi-clean and straightened home.

  8. I too have been pondering Freda's resolutions. Do it Now is a good one. Amazing how much I can procrastinate sometimes. I didn't make a formal list, but continuing my effort to eat more healthfully and lose weight are certainly one of them. Also getting into some new physical stuff ala Yoga and giving my dogs a regular walk. There are more, but you don't want them here, Ha Ha. Dianne

  9. I just had to share, Linda, that our Black Bear Diner has finally opened.
    Hubby Dave and I went last night for dinner (actually we both had breakfast).
    The restaurant was hopping and the food was delicious. We had the cutest young waitress that made our meal a real delight.
    So I definitely know where we will go whenever you make it out to California again...(:0)

  10. Your mother was a clever lady! No resolutions for me, this year, but I'm trying to regain the portion of health I lost in 2012! Happy New Year to you and Walter, too.

  11. Nothing new in resolutions here. I just plow on and hope for the best. I have found, don't laugh, that Solitaire here on the computer improves my stroke damaged hand eye coordination. Jig saws do do. :)

  12. |Thanks for your warm comments, Linda, but you are the one who inspires me. Didn't you know that? Every Blessing

  13. I love your mother's way of thinking! I have always hated 'to do' lists because they make me feel as if I'm a real slacker and don't get things done. Now, I see I should have taken a different approach. ;)

    I do like idea of recording how we incorporate new ways of doing things into our routines. I am always amazed at all you have accomplished.