Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It’s a vacation day!

The final three months of 2012 passed in a speedy blur. I am determined to catch up on recording experiences that I don't want to forget. Recently, I found this account of a breakfast experience. It was in a draft that I had written in December. 

It made me laugh because today Hubby made a similar announcement. So I hope we will be enjoying breakfast tomorrow, overlooking Mississippi Sound as we celebrate another "vacation day." 

*   *   *
From the December file:
Husband Walter indulges in breakfast at McElroy’s Harbor House.
My husband is enjoying his “second” retirement as of Oct. 6, 2012. I woke up one morning earlier this week to Hubby’s announcement that the day would be a “vacation day.”

He had the day planned, and we started our day with a morning meal at one of our favorite spots for breakfast.

Christmas decor saltwater style
Christmas decorations included marine critters at the waterfront restaurant.

A mix of peace and intense activity--that's retirement
We have been having quite a few vacation days lately. I, too, am enjoying Hubby’s retirement. 

We started those vacation days with a flight to the West Coast the day after Hubby’s final day driving a school bus. On our eight-night West Coast trip we revisited good memories of earlier trips and made new memories. 

Hubby posted here about a memorable stop at a quirky coffee shop we had visited several decades ago. The new owner, a delightful young entrepreneur, presented us with sunflowers when she learned we had celebrated 45 years of marriage.
Hubby models anniversary posies at a Montara, California, coffee shop.


  1. He looks like he is laid back, and has a wonderful sense of humor!!

  2. Aww, he is adorable in sunflowers. Didn't know he also had a blog. I will go check it out.

  3. i love the photos of hubby and he is a handsome and sweet looking man, even with the flowers. LOL...it is time for a new breakfast out so you have more photos and stories to share. i do the same thing you do, put them in drafts and there they sit...glad you posted this one.

  4. What fun....vacation days. I'll tell G that our drive about days are now vacation days. Good idea.

  5. Oh, how cute he is! Love the photos! Take care, sweet friend. Cheers and aloha!

  6. Vacation Days - what joy - another treat to add to the blessings of retirement. Let's enjoy them while we can. Every Blessing.

  7. So fun! Your husband is such a great sport.

  8. Montara is just over the hill from our former home in Pacifica. Lived there for 41 years before moving 2 hours inland. I have to admit there are times I still miss the ocean and all its colorful changes but I really don't miss that persistent fog.
    Your trip is like a journey down memory lane for me. (:0)

  9. I didn't realize that Walter is now enjoying a second retirement! I'm looking forward to enjoying some of those "vacation days" with Ed, sometime in the future.

    Love the sunflowers :)