Sunday, November 25, 2012

My favorite Christmas decorators

It’s time to decorate Baboo and Nana’s tree!

The decorating that our grands, ages 2, 4, 6, and 10 accomplished the day after Thanksgiving was a joyful and laughter-filled experience for this grandmother, even as I struggled to keep my laughter diplomatically contained.

Of course, our sons and daughters-in-law kept things moving by fitting ornaments with hangers as needed and parceling out the tree decorations in an orderly procession. I was surprised at the intense concentration common to each of the grands, regardless of age. They solemnly considered positioning options, then carefully hung each ornament. The youngest all headed for the same branches within their reach.  
Charlie, top, leads the girl squad.

Walker, 2, gets the job done.


Nate was recovering from a bug, but gamely decorated with style.

Louisiana grands Molly Kate and Walker

This year the decorating exercise also included the transfer of a bit of family history as offspring questioned their elders about specific ornaments.
Charlie is happy with the Garfield Santa her dad Walt received as a youngster.

Molly Kate proudly displays the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that her dad Jeremy made from his thumb-print in elementary school a couple of decades ago.
Molly Kate

Luke likes the Coke keychain that poses as a tree ornament. Maybe our oldest grand will join Nana in her rabid appreciation of Coke.

The bug Nate had picked up Thursday migrated to his sisters. Its effect on Stella warranted a trip to one of the local urgent care clinics before the family attempted the return to Georgia Saturday. The clinic staff provided medication and banished the specter of dehydration.

Both families headed home. We were thankful for the call that evening letting us know that the Georgia Skupiens made it home safely and without any further cookie-tossing incidents.

Our girls, ready for the extended family Christmas get-together Friday evening: From the left, Sarah and daughters Charlie and Stella; Molly Kate and her mom Katie.

With the exception of Thanksgiving night, the Georgia crew bunked with us for the week and divided their visiting time between the home of Sarah’s parents and our home. Thursday night she and the boys stayed at her childhood home and the girls and Dad stayed with us. Then the next day youngest son Jeremy and his crew arrived.

After the busy times with our family all together, Husband Walter and I spent a quiet Saturday at home. But I haven’t had a chance to miss our young families. Every time I walk by the Christmas tree and see all those ornaments bunched together on the lower branches, I break out in a big grin. 

And for a moment those loved ones, big, little and in between, are right here with me.


  1. Oh what a fun weekend. Grands are the best, and they did an awesome job on your tree. Enjoy.............

  2. It sounds like you all had a special time together. I love these traditions. I especially love looking at the ornaments year after year and remembering the family stories that go with them.

  3. I loved the story and the pictures are adorable. Did you take them? If so, great job.

  4. photo's are the pilot life of memories and your family made many memories decorating that tree. beautiful, all of them

  5. I am surprised you are still standing after all this effort. I know that family visits provide much joy, perhaps that is why we don’t feel exhausted until after they’ve gone again.

    What a lovely bunch of grandchildren you have. You must be very proud.

  6. Your tree trimming adventure just made me warm all over.
    I love how the little ones decorated and you left it just as they did it.
    What a reminder of joy and family.
    Hope you don't get that ugly bug that seems to be going around.
    Take care.

  7. I love this tradition of letting your grands decorate your tree. I'm thinking this experience will be one of their fondest childhood memories! Thanks for sharing your photos of the event :)