Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anniversary celebration: Late or early?

A ducky greeting

When Husband Walter was making reservations for a night at The Tides Inn,  Shelter Cove, California, what he thought was a casual conversation followed a query about recent special occasions on our calendar. He had mentioned that our 45th wedding anniversary had come and gone.

Evidently the conversation was more purposeful than he realized. The result was the little bride and groom welcoming committee above that we saw as we entered our suite at The Tides Inn.

It was worth the drive on a winding, narrow road to reach our night’s lodging perched high above the rocks and waves at the edge of the Pacific. It was the slow season, and we were the only guests.
Sunset view from our third-floor balcony

The weather was beautiful and our cozy suite included a balcony that overlooked the Pacific with a front-row seat for experiencing the changing hues of sky and sea, the calls of seals, the sounds of waves breaking on rocks and shore, and the clean salt-water scent and sensations that accompanied our air supply. It was a picture-perfect end to Day Three and to the start of Day Four of our nine-day West Coast trip.
The first flush of dawn

I still haven’t figured out if we should label our impromptu anniversary celebration a late 45th or an early start on our 46th anniversary. I am leaning toward that early start idea with maybe a once-a-month quiet but planned “something.”

Perhaps my procrastination has already cast the die for 45th, though. The opportunity for a November anniversary something is almost gone. One thing for sure, whenever and wherever we celebrate future anniversaries, the setting will not match the dramatic environment of Shelter Cove, California.


  1. a beautiful spot, a wonderful way to celebrate those 45 years together. so when was the anniversary, if you told us in another post, forgive the senior moment

  2. Congratulations on your achievement of reaching 45 years. Here's to many, many more.

  3. Happy Late 45th or Happy Early 46th...
    What a romantic celebration you had.
    That reminds me of our anniversary celebration last year.
    We renewed our vows and had a wonderful party on our 47+1/2 years celebration.
    Why the odd timing? We don't really know why, it just seemed right.
    Besides our anniversary falls in the dead of winter Jan.31. It was much nicer to have a summer party in our backyard.
    Actually we are going to celebrate our 49th the first week of December by going to Disneyland (again) when all the Christmas decorations are there. That's where we spent our honeymoon so it only seems fitting to go back again.
    All that to say we know all about celebrating when the mood strikes.
    I hope you can have your mini monthly fun times. It's the cement that keeps a marriage strong.
    Love you and enjoy the holidays.

  4. Spectacular view! Do celebrate each of these years -- early or late. My fiftieth would have been this coming year.

  5. happy 45th! I like to find all kinds of excuses to celebrate life.

  6. Gosh that view is gorgeous! Whether it is early or late, it had to be special in that setting.

  7. California is so beautiful and the sunsets are spectacular. I vote for this as #45 then you have something good left for #46. Dianne

  8. Happy late 45th or early 46th anniversary to both of you :) Your trip sounds heavenly.