Saturday, July 21, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: Home to Internet, electricity and laundry

Savoring hot tea, lunch and nature at Chimneys Picnic Area in the Smoky Mountains

Husband Walter and I are back home after nearly two weeks camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Right now I am taking a break from LAUNDRY! Forgive me if I seem to be shouting, But I AM shouting.

There is a mountain of damp, stinky laundry before me. But the upside is that laundry is something I can actually do, even with my left arm and hand not fully operational yet. That is a blessing, and makes me thankful and even gives me joy. Hubby did sort the mountain for me, without my even asking, and has just now enticed me to take a break. He made me a cup of hot tea and got my laptop out of its case.

Thank you, Hubby!

A thank you also goes out to two blogging friends who in the midst of their own health challenges, inspire and remind me to keep my focus on God, my ultimate caregiver. Sally’s post here about moving from mourning to joy included her consideration and eventual application of another writer’s observation in his book about grief. He wrote, “Commit to the journey, long or short, that leads back to living life.”

Sally’s recent posts about a stepdaughter’s journey to athletic accomplishment and about family summer joys were also inspiring spirit boosters.

Ginny, at Let Your Light Shine, has been dealing with an extended hospitalization and unable to post. She did post an update on her condition and included this quote by Shad Williams:

“The Lord is Good” - period. Everything about God is good,
including everything that is related to me-- His thoughts about me,
His plans for me, His actions toward me, His guidance in me, His
blessings to me, His protection of me, His purposes fulfilled
through me and His ordained circumstances that surround me at
this very moment in my life. They may not look good, seem good,
sound good or feel good--but because they are ordained of God,
they ARE good. Colossians 3:3 says that “your life is hid with
Christ in God.” Every detail of your life is contained in Him,
including your present circumstances, trials, and needs.

These blogging friends and others throughout the United States and around the globe have made a difference in my continuing recovery from my 2011 stroke.

I have let this post languish for a few days but I am definitely determined to finish it today.
The problem with this and previous thank-you posts about specific bloggers, though, is that each of the cyber friends who shares life experiences and observations through a personal blog and/or through comments on Retirement Daze is among the wonderful family and friends who are healing helpers all. Each deserves a personal thank you.  I am so thankful for their continuing contribution to my stroke recovery.

I am also thankful for ELECTRICITY. Hubby is an expert at providing comfort, wonderful meals and fun while we camp sans power. For some reason, though, neither of us considered that my Bioness L300 Footdrop system has to be recharged every night while we sleep.

I guess it has become such a habit to wear that cuff under my knee and the little control unit on a lanyard around my neck that I didn’t give any thought to the fact that the electricity necessary for its continued operation would not be easily or consistently available. We did, however, bring my plastic brace that keeps my ankle rigid and my foot from dropping when I walk. I don’t walk as well with the brace, but at least I can walk.

My Bioness is now charged. Both our laptops are also charged and so is my Kindle. I had read that the Kindle would stay charged about a month. My Kindle’s charge lasted exactly 15 days. But I suspect I was reading much more than the average on our trip and I also didn’t turn off the WiFi feature. I would have had to deal with an unwieldly stack of books without that Kindle. Yes, I am an official Kindle fan.
Me and my Kindle, a new camping buddy

I will gradually be catching up with other blogs in the next few weeks and posting more about camping experiences. Right now, however, we are “recovering” from camping and preparing for overnight visits from kids and grandkids next week.

I should be a bit more accurate about those preparations. Husband Walter is executing preparations for those visits. My role is mostly happy anticipation and cheerleader. Oh, and hubby also jumped into the laundry operation and hastened the demolition of Mount Laundry. Okay, I am definitely bragging now. What a guy!


  1. Wonderful post and I am so happy to hear from you again. We are both blessed in the hubby department.

    I tell David I just wish I had found him sooner. We move in God's time, however impatient we might be. I love the old prayer, God give me patience and I want it right now. Dianne

  2. You definitely have a A#1 Class Hubby.
    He's an amazing guy, Linda.
    So happy to hear you could get away and enjoy God's creation.
    Even though there were hardships I think your soul got restored.
    It certainly helps one appreciate all the comforts of home more.
    I admire you and am thrilled to see everyday progress.
    Keep on keeping on!

  3. glad you got to go camping, and i have a new respect for the battle you have done in the past year...

  4. That fellow is certainly a keeper.
    Camping is great fun but I always missed soaking in a tub.
    I am checking into a solar charger for my Kindle. My battery doesn't last as long now days as it once did.

  5. I'm so glad you had a nice camping trip, and that you and Walter are now safely back at home:)

    I loved camping, but it always made me appreciate all the comforts of home even more!

    That Walter, he's a keeper! I think he and Ed must be kindred spirits :)

    Enjoy your visitors. We'll be here whenever you have some free time.

  6. Good to see you back on your blog. I am glad you enjoyed your camping trip. It's been a long time since I've been on one. I thanked God on my blog today, also. Can't seem to do that enough, it seems.