Sunday, July 8, 2012

A grand weekend

Granddaughter Charlie demonstrates dance camp skills.
On a recent weekend, Husband Walter and I made a trek for a weekend dose of our Georgia grands. A special treat for me was to attend the closing “demonstration” of six-year-old Charlie’s week of dance camp.

This was a welcomed first. Due to distance and other conflicts we have yet to attend dance programs or recitals of any of our three granddaughters. I am thankful for photos and video, but there is no substitute for in person whether it is dance, spelling bee or sporting competition. I did, however, successfully enlist Baboo to capture images I used in this post.

At the dance camp finale, the fledgling ballerinas had made their own costume accessories for a butterfly ballet they performed for the small but enthusiastic audience of parents, grandparents and siblings. Male siblings in the audience were noticeably less enthusiastic, but they were well behaved, even if there was no mayhem or weaponry involved in the performance.

Charlie performs in the butterfly ballet.

Our little dancer proudly shows off the butterfly hair clip and wings she painted.

After the program grandsons Luke, left, and Nate pause in the midst of mischief to fulfill Nana’s photo request.

As we waited outside the studio for Charlie and Mom Sarah to join us, the grand moments continued.

Luke is first to check how much taller he measures on the nana-meter.

This Nana finds grandkid humor irresistible.

Hubby and I started the new week back at home, tired but happy after our grandchildren “fix.”

Thanks to my favorite photographer, aka Hubby/Baboo, for photos.


  1. Ahh. I love these photos, every single one of them. Your granddaughter is just adorable. Of course the grandsons are quite handsome. Most of all, I loved the smiles on your face in both photos of you. I know what you mean about getting those grandma fixes.

  2. The look on Charlie's face is pure bliss. Got tickled at you being tickled by a grand's comment.
    Great captures by your hubby.

  3. baboo did a fantastic job of grabbing the joy of your trip. and looks like the grandson is about to catch up with you soon. i love the hands in the first photo, hers and the one next to her, like little butterfly hands.

  4. My niece started her professional dancing career as a toddler in dance classes and recitals, too. Her parents loved to take photos and video and often sent us copies. She now lives in New York City and works as a dancer. Her dream come true! Love the smile on your face. Glad you had such a great time.

  5. There is nothing like a Grandkids "fix", be they young or older.
    I love being at what ever is important in their lives...concerts, programs and especially those precious times of just chatting and enjoying their humor.
    Love the last shot of you laughing with the precious Grands.
    The first picture of Charlie in dance pose is terrific. He has the dancer pose down perfectly.

  6. fingers do such strange things sometimes.
    Last sentence of my comment should read SHE has the dancer pose down perfectly.....

  7. Love the Nanameter. My grandmother was a Nana too. Great post. Glad you had a good laugh with little imps. Dianne

  8. Delightful smiles here. I'm sure the nanameter was working well as the kids seem to be getting near the chin factor. :)

    I had a stroke in 89. Two things that affected me the most were the loss of my short term memory and the loss of my hand eye coordination. I I scribble. Lately I've been thinking that even poor scribbles are better than no scribbles. One never knows what's going to happen. You look just as good as I do. Bravo.

  9. The priceless smile on your face shows that you definitely enjoyed your time with the grandchildren! I love that!

    I'm a huge fan of dance. I could watch all day. Your little ballerina is precious :)