Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: Flower photo subjects

Two years ago I was scrambling around on steep mountain trails, positioning myself to capture close-up images of God’s tiny works of floral art in the Smokies and on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Saxifrage at Waterrock Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway

St. Johnswort, another abundant summer bloom at Waterrock Knob

This summer my balance and mobility issues limited my flower photos on our mountain trip.

Below is one of the few flower photos I took.
A species of Sidaroada

The same photo tightly cropped for a closeup view

The “Sidaroada” is actually one of several species of sunflower found in the Smokies. I borrowed the name “Sidaroada” from a relative who always makes me laugh, in this case with the name she gives unidentified wildflowers she spies, you guessed it, on the side of the road.

I have a weakness for corny puns, so I appropriated her tongue-in-cheek term since the only blooms I shot this year were those easily accessible on the side of mountain roads.

There was no scrambling on trails or mountainsides, and there were no contortions in order to capture the closeups I like to take. Maybe next year!

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