Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: Frustration, frustration

After stellar therapy sessions Thursday morning with my physical and occupational therapists, Thursday  afternoon I hit an inconsequential snag that made me whine all out of proportion to the whine-triggering event.

The morning included self congratulation on my best week of keeping up with our laundry since my stroke almost a year ago. All that patting myself on the back ended with a load of wash that included a pair of my pajamas. I had checked the pockets, always a part of my routine, but this time evidently I didn’t check well enough.

The “clean” clothes started shedding little shreds of damp tissue as I emptied the washer and tossed clothes in the dryer. The sound of grinding teeth and a loud “arrrrrrgggg” brought me to serious consideration that a tissue is a lot like little boys.

One active little boy can seem like two or three and two can seem like 10. I like that about little boys. A tissue that has gone through the wash and rinse cycle multiplies similarly. I could go on about nasal mucous frequently appearing on both tissues and little boys, but I think I will stop here and instead post grandma brag pix of my favorite active little boys who are growing so quickly. Photos below thanks to dad of the twosome and mom of Walker.

Non-stop grandson Walker thrives on experimental climbing and exploring.

Ta dah! Mission accomplished!

Grandsons Nate and Luke cooperate – reluctantly -- for a photo moment.


  1. Tissue in the washer is so frustrating! It happens to all of us.

    I've enjoyed reading your recent posts and taking a peek into your life. We're retired, too, and illnesses have hindered our travels. But I am thankful that we are as well as we are!

  2. Ugh! Tissues in the of my pet peaves with Ed! He carries one constantly, and I, too, experience your frustration often.

    I rejoice with you, in your ability to take care of the laundry once step closer in the right direction :)

  3. Such charming explorers! I leave tissues in pockets all the time and hate it when that happens!!! Even after checking, I still will miss them. It gets all over everything. We usually have to take each piece outside and shake vigorously.

  4. The bane of my life when I do laundry: not finding a tissue until after I wash a load of clothes. Of course it seems the load is always one of dark clothes made of fabric that attack the tissue particles like magnets. It happens. Sometimes we just miss things even when we look.

    Your grandson is adorable.

  5. Isn't that the pits? Every now and then, one makes it into my laundry also.
    What adorable grands. Two seemed eager to be imortalized on film, one definitely has other plans.

  6. tisses are bad so are paper towels hidden in hubby's pants pocket. how oene small piece of paper can cover everything in the wash beats me. boys just don't love the camera and i do agree 2 can be like 10 at times

  7. No tissue in the washer so far, but how about chewed gum wrapped in paper? Ugh! Gross!

    Love those photos of your grandsons. I have a 2 year old grandson who is the light of my life!

  8. Gransons, tissues in the pocket put through the washer and dryer, what will you think of next? Don't you wonder why some tissues go through the process and could be reused because they come out whole and clean, and others completely shred? Oh well, its a mystery. Dianne

    PS love the grandma photos of cute little boys. I love little boys. D.

  9. You could have got them to pick the bits of tissue off the clothes, or weren't they actually in the vicinity?

    I hate when I find tissues shredded in the wash.