Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smiling boy and invisible sister

Grandson Walker beams his approval of his first “kitchen sink” bath at Nana and Baboo’s.

Monday ended a five-night stint of little-people watching while daughter-in-law Katie enjoyed a “girls-only” trip with her mom and aunt. It didn’t take long to see that grandson Walker is still smiling boy. He is five months old and at that wonderful stage where his discovery of the world around him is in full swing. Look at him and he bursts out in the biggest grin. Photos don’t phase him.
A tired Walker-in-a-box keeps his smile intact.

Granddaughter Molly Kate, however, prefers to remain invisible where photos are concerned. The rare exceptions occur when she initiates a photo session or when a parent or grandparent is successfully sneaky.
A failed attempt at sneaky is rewarded with “the look” by Molly Kate at the entrance of a 2010 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event.

We were a little more successful at the Saturday walk while we snacked on bananas provided for walkers.
Dancing on the town green.

Banana monkey in action

One snapshot I failed to get was Molly Kate in her Halloween costume. She just had to try on her “Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz” outfit for me. She was enthusiastic about her basket, Toto, and ruby slippers, although she set me straight on a number of points.

“No, Nana, they are red shoes, not slippers,” she corrected. She also insisted that she WOULD NOT wear the bows that came with the costume. Instead she accessorized with her favorite headgear, her “Mickey Mouse helmet.” Alas, a photo was a no no, but below is one taken a couple days after Walker was born in May 2010.
MK and her “helmet”

Monday morning by 8 a.m. our house seemed so empty, except for good memories. Thank you to Katie for trusting us with little ones!

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  1. beautiful children, beautiful memories, and you are blessed to be able to care for that baby during your retirement daze.... that's what retirement is for. love the shot in the basket