Thursday, April 8, 2010

Smoky Mountains: More spring impressions

Porter’s Creek
Husband Walter and I arrived for early morning photos at the trailhead of Porter’s Creek trail Friday, April 2, in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I was looking for wildflowers and found a number of species. Porter’s Creek trail also offered other visual treats.

Water on moss
During our Smoky Mountain visit we were never far from water. From slow drips onto a bed of moss to rushing streams, water fills the senses in the Smoky Mountains--the scent of moist, fertile soil, the chill breeze from a stream in a picnic area, the sight and sound of water’s dance to lower elevations, gurgling, pounding, tumbling over and around boulders.

A close look at the moss

On the slopes above the Porter’s Creek trail, an abundance of insects were extremely busy, although I have no idea exactly what they were busy doing. Most colorful were the orange butterflies that flitted about and perched on ferns and fallen leaves. I think the species below is a question mark butterfly, Polygonia interrogationis.
Butterfly on Porter’s Creek trail

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