Thursday, April 29, 2010

High school reunion

Last weekend husband Walter and I attended my 45th high school reunion. In years past, I had never given much thought to how many classmates and I had shared all 12 years of school. But it was a treat leading up to the reunion to connect via FaceBook to elementary school days. Former students of Camp Elementary School posted class photos, and comments flew identifying classmates and reminiscing. I wonder if ours is the last generation whose families stayed in place long enough for children to attend school together from elementary to high school graduation.

Another facet of this reunion that surprised me was the gratitude I felt for the opportunity to reconnect with classmates. With the passing of time I realize that I cannot take such opportunities for granted, that survival is not a given. This reunion was a celebration of life – mine and my fellow survivors’ lives, and the lives of more than 40 classmates who have passed away.

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