Monday, November 16, 2009

Glue girls

I really don’t like whatever character trait it is that keeps me coasting along in a little niche and ignoring the glue of relationships (and I don’t want to go there and examine that right now, thank you). But I do appreciate the effort and generosity of others who are willing to apply some fresh new glue.

Saturday, Nov. 14, six ladies who are 1965 graduates of Hattiesburg High School met at the Half Shell Oyster House in Gulfport for lunch. All six of us graduated high school together. Five us went to Camp Elementary School together, and the sixth one grew up in the same church with me. Until Saturday, I had lost touch with all of them, but thank goodness, they are true glue girls.

Lunch was a feast of laughter and catching up. A bonus was that my sometimes undependable recall wasn’t an issue (names are the worst). During the “Do you remember this classmate and where are they now?” catching up, what one person didn’t remember, someone else did. What a treat!

From the left are Mary Mathis Thompson, Barbara Dee Buchanan Graham, Pamela West Randall, Linda Carpenter Skupien, Susan Archer Lanham and Charlotte Calhoun Hurt.

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