Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cool-morning pleasures

The combination of cool temperatures and plenty of sunshine mandated a bike ride to Ocean Springs’ East Beach this morning. The 10-minute ride to the beach always involves some huffing and puffing on my part and makes me feel satisfied that aerobic exercise can be checked off the to-do list. The sun was shining with that November angle, right into the eyes.

But it also bathed everything in a wonderful glow, giving even the hardware on cement drains at the beach an interesting patina.

The sun sparkled on the ripples left in damp sand, Hurricane Ida’s footprint on East Beach.

Sea gulls and brown pelicans were enjoying the sunshine, too; and I enjoyed them.

Another unexpected pleasure was an introduction to Lulu and her human companion, Martha Thompson. Lulu, with a coat the color of café au lait, seemed quite unaware that she is an English bulldog. An intrepid explorer, she was carefully checking out everything new that came her way during her walk, including my camera.

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