Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Frigid weather has struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The winter weather we usually enjoy has turned frigid. 

Right now Hubby and I are working on our computers and basking in the warmth from our wood stove. Earlier this morning we bundled up and met friends at Coffee Fusion. 

I'm sorry to say that I skipped the Wednesday morning ladies Bible study that I have been going to for years. But the reality is that age and the effects from my hemorrhagic stroke on Good Friday 2011 have intensified.

Hubby continues to keep us going and doing even though he has health issues, too. We are both counting our multitude of blessings and trusting our Lord.

May your 2024 be filled with blessings large and small.



  1. Good for you for skipping it! Better safe than sorry! Especially for those of us our age.

  2. It's getting frigid here too, and slippery as well from a snowfall we had a couple of days go. I'm so paranoid about slipping on ice and falling that I haven't been out in a couple of days. Maybe tomorrow I'll be brave and at least go down for my mail.

    May your 2024 be blessed as well..

  3. so sorry you are frigid, we are cold but not bad, at 52 this morning which is fridgid for FL this time of year. you were right to stay home. good to here from you. we are doing the same as you two. only it was bob with the stroke in 2017 and he is 87 and stuggling, and I at 79 am struggling to care for the three of us. Beau is 10 which is pretty old too. at least we are not fridged

  4. You made the very best decision to stay home and cozy. This getting old is hard work. Dave is 82 and I'm least we are mostly healthy. It just takes longer to accomplish what was a breeze years ago. So glad you could get together with friends and sip tea. That is a true battery charger.