Saturday, March 4, 2023

Trouble Commenting

For awhile now I have been having difficulty commenting on blogs I follow. The Google powers that be are often only allowing me to comment as "Anonymous." 

As much as I have ranted, raved, gnashed my teeth and moaned, I have yet to solve the problem. 

It was mostly with blogs I had started following recently. "Recently" may be the wrong word since my blogging has been erratic for a long time. 

But today a blog showed up that I hadn't seen in ages, and "Friko" was experiencing the same problem. She's way better at solving techie challenges than I am so I do have hope. I'm also determined to dig deeper on my own. 

I miss so many blogging friends that helped me to stay sane and to do the best with what brain power and physical ability I had left after a 2011 hemorhagic stroke. It was such a blessing in my post-stroke journey staying connected to those early blogging friends. 

Old and new blogging friends broaden my horizons, make me laugh and sometimes cry, but always make me thankful for their sharing successes, epic bloopers and insights to living life fully.



  1. At the blog’s that you can’t comment on our WordPress do you have to be logged into a WordPress account I had to create one just to be able to comment on some of the blog’s but some of the bloggers unblock spot or having the same problem so far I have nap night I know that there’s been a lot of complains about it

  2. I hope you can get your troubles figured out. So far I can still comment on yours and I believe I got a comment from you. We MUST be able to stay in touch with each other for sure.

  3. Very frustrating for you. Wish I could help. I haven't been having any difficulties.

  4. For what it's worth, I use Blogger, and when I comment on WordPress posts it shows as Anonymous, so I have resolved that issue by putting my name at the end of the comment. I've noticed other people doing that as well, so even though it says Anonymous, I still know who it is from.