Saturday, October 1, 2022

Traveling Sanity

Hubby had planned three trips for us this fall. 

He loves to travel. 

The first of those three has been completed, successfully and joyfully. . . mostly.

As we prepare for the second excursion I am dealing with packing challenges. I am always determined to cut down on how much I take. After all, there is just about always Walmart if I need something, right?

I suspect there is a word for the psychological aberration of uncontrollable and exorbitant stuffing of a rolling backpack . . . and a black tote . . . and a large purse . . . and the glove compartment of our van . . . and . . . HELP!

My strategy for sanity is avoidance, especially through a visit to our favorite coffee shop, although I don't drink coffee. But a hot breakfast with milk and water or hot tea works for me. 

Until it's back home to finish that task. . . Sigh.




  1. Love you dear Linda. I'm so glad you are doing some traveling. I hope the residuals of Ian have ignored you and where you are going will not be affected.
    We aren't doing much traveling these days ourselves. Today we are finally going into downtown Sacramento to do some photos. Its been far too long. I hope I have some blog worthy pics. to post.
    The weather is finally cooling down a tiny bit so it makes being out and about nicer.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.
    Love you

  2. I suffer from over-packing, too. And would you believe the one time I didn't take 'just in case' clothes, there was a funeral to go to.