Sunday, February 13, 2022

On-the-road Surprises

I have encountered a multitude of interesting signs on or near restrooms in our travels through the years. Those signs have made me laugh, roll my eyes . . . or cross my eyes.  

A decade after my stroke, I finally started a collection of iPhone photos to record those moments. I am calling it the John Collection.

There are few entries so far, but who knows what we may encounter on our next jaunt.

During a day trip, I was wrestling my rollator down a narrow hall to a rustic coffee shop's restrooms when I saw a sign above the back exit.

It was unfair to make me weak with laughter when I was on an urgent mission. 

August 1, 2019: Fire Alert

On an October 2020 trip out west, we vacated our campsite and started looking for breakfast. A restaurant overlooking Green River appeared busy, a good sign. 

We weren't disappointed. Everything was spotless. Staff were friendly and attentive. Service was prompt. 

Spacious windows gave us a panoramic view of the Green River.

We lingered over refills after our meal, Hubby with his coffee, me with hot tea as we soaked up the scenery.

Our always mandatory trip to the restrooms prior to getting back on the road topped off our breakfast experience with bursts of laughter when we saw the restroom doors.

No missing which was which!

October 2, 2020

October 2, 2020

The one below was at a doctor's office.

October 6, 2019 


  1. Those signs are funny. We have to find humor in life.

  2. Those signs are a hoot. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Love it when management goes for the laugh.

  4. These are hilarious! I wish I were as good as you are at seeing ones like them.

  5. That first is hilarious...thank you for the laughter.

  6. These are so good--especially that first one, hahaha.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. my favorite is the freak out which I wOULD, no sign needed. I know where every restroom in out county is ha ha and have never seen funny signs. i have seen the last one in a lot of places, it is sad they need the signs.

  8. I meant sad they need to tell people not to flush other things. our doc office has had paper towels and all the womens personal items clog their rest room many times. they also had people steal the rolls of toliet paper

    1. Sad state of things. At one of those mega-sized gas stations on an interstate we traveled often on our way somewhere I can't remember right now, their rest room was spacious and so clean and bright. on a later trip we stopped and it had been trashed. The toilet paper holder was ripped off the wall. The hook to hold a jacket or whatever had been ripped off. the sinks were damaged. The commodes were stuffed. Water on the floors. Hand soap dispensers damaged. The surfaces around the sinks were damaged. Eventually travel stops may offer facilities such as we encountered in France: Pay to go. Those were pristine with a watchful attendant.

  9. Thanks for the laugh. All are funny. I saw one once that kept me laughing for a long time... but now I can't remember exactly what it was. It had something to do with the handicap stall, pregnant women, etc. - will have to look it up.

  10. HaHa HaHa...those are too funny and I like the name of your series..perfection.
    The last one is funny if one takes it literally..
    I think I will have to start my own collection of funny signs too.

  11. Oh my WORD Linda you are hysterical!!! I'm laughing out loud over here! Not specifically relative to restrooms is a notice I often see at the doors of rest stops: NO SMOKING NO PETS. I always wonder who's passing through who may be in the habit of smoking their pets, hahahaha xoxo