Thursday, October 17, 2019

Rollator Prep: Part One of Three

On a chilly November morning almost three years ago, Hubby and I met my Ocean Springs Neuro Rehab pros at the bridge that spans Biloxi Bay.

I was there for training to use a rollator safely and effectively. Hubby made sure I got to the bridge. He also fulfilled my request that he take photos. 

Physical therapist Ashley briefs me as tech Charlie puts a gait belt on me, a standard safety precaution during neuro rehab sessions. 
Can you tell I had used the snatch-and-grab method of dressing? But I did get there on time and was ready for the cold plus the potential for strong winds that often occur on that bridge.

Ashley straps my stroke-affected left hand to keep it on the rollator.
I had high expectations that the little four-wheeled rolling walker would give me a bit more independence and Hubby some relief from worrying about my falls that had started the year before.

The trial journey begins.



  1. Looks like you did well with it. Do you still use it?

  2. The start of independence. Looks like it had a seat also.

  3. That looks promising. It must feel good to be more independent.

  4. I am reading this with interest. I went back in your blog to find when you had your stroke. I think you may have told me before or I looked it up, but I had forgotten when. Isn't it funny how strokes affect everyone so differently. Roger has trouble communicating if it is something important. If he is asked a question, even something so simple as what do you want to eat....he cannot say. Or to name an it screwdriver, wrench, hamburger, etc...he cannot say it.

    But he has a great sense of humor and can still be so funny. And sometimes it is making light of something he has done where it is either laugh or cry. But lots of times it is quick witted humor.

  5. Great Granny Grandma, yes i still use the rollator that we purchased a couple days after that bridge therapy session. It is showing its age, but it is still helping me walk safely. We are now on day 14 of travel and I2 of those days I walked over a mile with it and three days two miles or more. Got to keep moving!

    Rose, I know we stroke survivors' caregivers who are also spouses have a daunting journey. Roger's sense of humor is a blessing for you both. At times I, too, am having difficulty getting my words out in response to questions from my husband and it is so frustrating. Does Roger get frustrated? Prayers coming your and Roger's way.

  6. You caught my interest with Biloxi. I grew up in New Orleans and with friends and family around Biloxi and Waveland. We spent so much of our summers out there on the coast. Your adventure with the rollator seems to have gone well. I anxiously await the next post.

  7. the good news is I know this story has a happy ending. interesting, bring on the rest of te story

  8. Rian, my husband is a Biloxi native but my hometown was Hattiesburg. Before meeting my husband in college, my visits to the coast were rare. Now it is home,

  9. Oh, I remember your blog posts about your therapy and the rollator.
    I am so glad that you have made so much progress and are walking and traveling all over.
    Blessings to you and your awesome hubby.