Monday, October 14, 2019

Nature’s Artistry

Rainy-day Art (iPhone photos by Hubby)

A heavy rain in June did more than water our thirsty St. Augustine grass. It also turned a huge spider’s web into a sparkling jeweled creation.

View from the side

When I first spotted the huge spider it only had a small web. My online searching turned up a gazillion photos of spider species, and I finally found a photo that matched my gal. The big spider and web artist below is a female orb weaver.
Orb weaver and potential mate

The little brown spider in the upper corner is a male. One online article I found said the male would sometimes hang out in the web until the female had captured and consumed lots of prey. 

The objective: To make sure before they tie the knot that she has eaten enough and is robust enough to have lots of spider babies with his DNA.

Hmmmm. I sure am glad humans don’t use those same metrics for choosing a mate. Even though I had an embarrassingly voracious appetite in my younger days days, my weird metabolism kept me on the edge of looking anorexic, far from looking robust. 

That is NOT something I miss. And even though I do miss being able to consume whatever and however much I want to eat, Hubby and I are getting a better handle on creating satisfying and enjoyable diabetes-friendly meals. 

Mrs. Orb Weaver doesn't have that problem. She has grown bigger and is capturing larger prey. 
Golden-silk orb weaver and her prey. 



  1. I enjoy the info with these amazing phone shots. that web is decorator beautiful. excellent photos of these spiders. but I don't want them on my porch.. we have a lot of these in Florida

  2. Oh my goodness, I would scream and run, never to return. I have a horrible fear of spiders. Arachnophobia. But the web is simply divine! I have never seen one so beaded up like this, looking like a string of jewels.

  3. Hum, that male spider sure doesn't want to take any chances with his future babies. Odd how she is so large and colorful and he is so small and drab. So opposite of the bird world.

  4. The web covered in raindrops is just gorgeous.It truly is a majestic piece of art.

  5. These are amazing photos....I so enjoyed them. Love the webs, and she is a beauty,

  6. Spider webs are so interesting Nd appertains very quickly. Your husband’s picture is awesome.

  7. Interesting post, and the web is beautiful.