Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Life with Hubby

Earlier today Hubby, AKA Treasured Resident Cook, had folded himself in half, rummaging through the freezer drawer of our refrigerator, looking for the hamburger patties he planned to fix for lunch.

“Hey! I found a pair of my glasses,” he chortled. He pulled a pair of readers from the frozen food stash. 
Truly the coolest eyewear ever!

He was a good sport about posing with his defrosted glasses!



  1. How funny! He is looking good. I, also, find things in the strangest places. Once my glass of water was on a linen closet shelf.

  2. LOL! That is something Roger or I would do. Roger lost his glasses a month ago...we have about torn the house apart looking for them. I looked in the car. I even called McDonald's to see if he had lost them there. Well, I got it in my head two or three days ago, to take my knee pad and get down and look under the bed and when I did, there they were...about a foot back under it. (The stationary bike is in the guest bedroom...and that is the bed it was under. I had got down and looked under our bed.) In the meantime, he needed new glasses anyway so it forced me to get that done.

  3. this is to funny, burgers and glasses, OH MY! he looks fantastic and handsome

  4. That's too funny. Pays to dig deep in those freezers.

  5. I can see that happening. You bend over, off they slip then close the lid none the wiser:))

  6. HaHa, they absolutely are the Coolest ever....
    Hubby and my glasses do the exact same thing when we work in the walk in freezer at church.
    They are fine while we are in there but step outside and we can't see a thing....totally fogged over...
    By the way you also have the "Coolest" Hubby...Handsome !!!

  7. That is so cool... DH teases me about finding things in strange places. My response is that whatever it is turns up sooner or later. My biggest problem is putting things somewhere safe... and then forgetting where that was. Aging - you have to laugh.

  8. Those glasses are very cool! ;-)