Monday, July 15, 2019

Fishy fun

The one that got away

An angler I am not, but I couldn’t resist posing with this carved fish on a December 2018 trip to the Smoky Mountains.  

My parents and most of my relatives loved fishing. I loved the catching part of that activity. 

When I was about five, my father and uncle caught a huge tabby cat(fish) in West Pearl River in Louisiana. That is the only other time I posed with a fish as big as I was. 

The photo of that event has disappeared, but the wooden fish sparked vivid memories of the excitement of that day. 



  1. I love seeing this photo of you and that huge carving.
    I "sort of " liked to fish. I went with my folks and fished for Blue Gills or sunfish. Lots of fun and play to pulling them in. done some Deep Sea Fishing...hard work pulling them in. Caught red snapper, and salmon.
    Now I would rather buy it from the store but fresh is always better tasting!
    Glad to see you on the blog.

  2. What a great picture; the fish is bigger than you! I have never heard of a tabby cat fish. Does it look like a tabby cat?

  3. Ginny, I didn’t realize I was so clueless about a huge element of my childhood. After an Internet search, I am guessing that tabby was a South Mississippi and Louisiana name for one of the three species of catfish we caught in local streams and on weekends or vacations when we were based at a primitive one-room houseboat my dad and uncle built. I could find no mention of “tabby” cat, but the third main species described had the characteristics I remembered as a tabby cat, among them a yellowish brown color, a broad head and wide mouth and different feeding habits. Names mentioned in search results were flathead and shovelhead. I like “tabby” better.

  4. Cute picture. I think that is called a whopper. Interesting about the tabby cat. New to me.

  5. I bet it took some muscle power to land that one!

  6. Hi LC, thanks for coming by to my blog! Like you, I will only pose for pictures, never will be a good angler... not enough patience to be one... LOL..

  7. Hmmm...I was sure I left a comment on this post but it doesn't seem to be there.
    Used to love to fish but haven't done it in years.
    I guess one does things when the kids are at home and then it just passes into memories.

  8. Well, what do you know? When I went back..Bam there it was...the first comment on your post !!
    Strange... (:0)

  9. Linda, please forgive me for not replying to your sweet comment much sooner, but things are still a bit crazy here. (continued mouth troubles, a fire, and a suspicious mammogram, just to name a few, but we're okay) I've thought about you, often, and wondered how you were. I'm relieved to see you and Walter are doing okay, and my how your grandson, Walker, has grown!!! I have another post about half written, concerning our fire. Hopefully, I can finish it and publish it soon. In the meantime, I'll check back with your blog. Take care! (Kathy of Reflections)

  10. .Love this photo and your memory and that you shared it.