Friday, July 1, 2016

We relocate

March 9, 2016. Our new home with completion in sight

For readers who wondered where Hubby and I are now calling home, in the past 16 months we have had a downsized home built on wooded property we bought 15 years ago.

It is less than a mile from our former residence. The downsizing is a major step toward our goal of living more simply.

February 20, 2016. Subway tile backsplash goes up in our all purpose room: kitchen, dining, hanging out.

After the months of decisions, decisions and more decisions, we moved in about two months ago. We are loving it, even though we still face many more decisions about disposition of possessions, photos and paper accumulated in nearly 49 years of marriage.

Hubby had an idea last month that we both embraced with a relieved sigh. We set a six-month moratorium for ourselves on any purchases for the house other than those absolutely, positively critical to our well being.

We are repurposing and using furnishings, linens and other necessities of living for six months. Hodgepodge d├ęcor it is! A little more than four months remain.

As new patterns are evolving in our new spaces, we are more confident that any future purchases will be in harmony with our home’s design and this season of our lives.

More details to come.


  1. it is beautiful, inside and outside.. love that bog room concept.. i like space and no clutter and that would be easy to do here. good luck with all the STUFF you left behind and getting it to the proper place. repurpose is good

  2. Downsizing is not easy, but it is good to do. I find it to be an ongoing process. Congrats on the new home.

  3. Sounds like you are going about this move smartly. That is a lovely home and hope you enjoy your new digs.

  4. The house is beautiful, both inside and out. What a wise move. I hope you both spend many many happy years here!

  5. Makes sense to me. Love your great room.

  6. I love your new home Linda.
    Its beautiful and you are going about the transition in such a wise manner.
    Pruning stuff is always difficult but I admire what you are doing.
    Can't wait for more photos.

  7. Your new home is beautiful! Ed and I cleaned out, sold, and down-sized, almost 9 years ago. Unfortunately, we've accumulated another bunch of stuff in its place, partially due to the passing of Ed's mom. Life can be a challenge, at times, can't it?
    Hope you and Walter are having a safe and happy 4th. Enjoy your new home :)
    Kathy (Reflections)

  8. I'm so happy for you!
    The house is beautiful. And there are still photos of bedrooms, bathroom? More recently, with the help of I was visited by the idea to reconstruct the rooms and completely change the design. Maybe... Do you have any thoughts about this? After all, I still have to recover myself after the move! And unpack things ...