Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mighty Mississippi in March—Part Two

A Mississippi River pier in Baton Rouge, La.

The rest of the story
March 17, 2016, Hubby and I arrived in Baton Rouge, La., with time to spare before our 8-year-old granddaughter’s evening performance in the musical comedy “The Boyfriend.”

We headed for the city’s downtown area for a look at the Mississippi River from a beautifully developed section of the levee. Families, couples and individuals were enjoying the mild weather. They were picnicking, cycling, walking, jogging or just relaxing in colorful Adirondack chairs.

Hubby hustled around taking photos. I was fascinated by the lines of a pier. It was a pleasure to have a camera that I could operate one-handed, plus the attractive structure also featured round railings that were perfect for allowing me to hold on and walk with confidence,

As time slipped away from us, Hubby suggested I head back toward the pier’s entrance while he captured a few more images.

At the junction of pier and levee, I took a few moments to plot a route from the security of the pier’s railings to sturdy objects that would give me a chance to hold on and make sure of my balance before continuing.

I had my trusty hiking stick, but my lower left leg and foot had started exhibiting new quirks months earlier. It may be time to consider using a walker. But that decision is for another day.

I stepped away from the pier railing and took a couple steps toward my next target. At that moment a strong squall hit. The wind almost knocked me down.

I managed to turn around and retreat toward the pier. I lurched to the railing and held on for dear life as the gusts buffeted, threatening to pry me loose.

The happy ending was we were unhurt and barely damp when we made it to Theatre Baton Rouge. There we enjoyed our little thespian’s dancing and singing as part of the ensemble cast. 

A lesson learned
When walking I'm usually focused on where to put my left foot next. I had noticed the dark clouds, evident in the photo above; but I didn’t give a thought to the possibility that they meant severe weather. 

And it was severe, though thankfully brief. I learned I must be much more aware of my surroundings. 



  1. so glad this turned out with you safe and sound and on time for the show...sorry to hear you are having problems with walking.

  2. Lucky you made it safely. I've been dealing with vertigo lately including a couple of basement steps falls. Hang on to the railing tight is also my new motto...;)

  3. That was a bit scary but happily had a good ending. The first time I saw the Mississippi--I was in awe. She is a whopper. So glad you got to see your grands performance. That had to be a thrill.

  4. I'm so glad that everything turned out well for you. That squall must have been something else.
    Don't you just love being able to attend your grandkids events?
    I love being a Grandma.

  5. So awesome a sight! Glad you were able to stay on your feet. Am sure viewing your granddtr dancing in the show was a delight and she was thrilled you cared enough to come see her. Your new abode looks lovely.

  6. Cameras can be fun or a drag. I get much better shots with a real camera, although the newer phones are supposed to be marvelous. You were truly entertained and focused to not notice the storm clouds.