Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tooth fairy

Each of our two six-year-old granddaughters lost her first baby tooth recently. 
Molly Kate beams evidence of lost tooth.

Molly Kate lost her tooth literally. Munching on chicken nuggets, she realized her tooth had disappeared along with her bite of chicken. Her dad, our youngest, lost his first tooth in similar fashion. 

Stella’s front tooth parted company with her mouth in a more traditional fashion. I don’t have a photo of her new smile, but I am hoping to get a first hand view when our Georgia tribe travels to the coast this weekend. 
Stella prior to losing first tooth 

Their experiencing this childhood rite of passage had the tooth fairy busy making visits to Molly Kate in Louisiana and Stella in Georgia. I welcome this sign that they are growing up. 

The occurrence of these dental events’ early in 2015 is a plus, too. After the busyness of November and December 2014, I am savoring a slower January and February along with memories of these two imps as infants, toddlers and emerging scholars and dancers.


  1. These are beautiful pictures of beautiful girls. One full face and one serious profile. I think having no front tooth makes them look so cute!

  2. to funny they lost them at the same time in different states.. i am wondering what they get under the pillow these days, the quarters i got and the quarters my kids got 50 years ago would not past muster today

  3. Yes, I'm glad the Tooth Fairy still visits. I think she has had to up the ante though.

  4. I remember losing teeth. Mine and my kids. Witnessed my granddaughters tooth loss, but not my grandsons. A fun visit in store for you.

  5. Beautiful Grands you have there.
    Oh the saga of loosing those teeth and the wonderful Tooth Fairy is bringing back memories for me too.
    I hope your days have slowed down and you are enjoying your family visiting.

  6. What a cute thought. rites of passage losing a tooth.
    If only my gals would have wee ones.
    I had them late so it's a longer wait I suppose. When they were teens I prayed for no pregnancy issues and now I've reversed my prayers.
    Both were once dancers. now they are career gals.

  7. Tooth losing is, indeed, a rite of passage. One of my favorite things about teaching second grade was that most of the kids in my class were snaggle tooths.

  8. What a sweet smile. Yes, it is a part of growing up.