Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Techno oops

Scene 1: Husband Walter and I meet with friends at our favorite coffee shop. We are looking for lightweight alternatives to laptops for travel. They give us hands-on introductions to their iPads. 

She likes her new iPad Air for Web surfing, family photos, recipes, books, games and keeping in touch. He uses an iPad Mini for his work in the shipbuilding industry. 

He appreciates its light weight for carrying it in the shipyard and the increased speed and accuracy it provides for the documentation of specifications, products used and progress of projects.

Questions bounce around my brain about the advantages and disadvantages of each. I open my mouth to ask a question. 

What comes out shuts me up after the first few words: "The differences in the mini-pad and the maxi-pad . . . Oops!" 

I could feel the red rise in my face. What a difference the inclusion of the lower case "i" would have

Scene 2: I find the number for a local dermatologist online and start dialing. This aggravating house phone is dead again. Drat! 

Oh, wait! It's the TV remote.

The silver lining in such increasingly frequent technological blunders is that my goof ups spark chuckles when a recollection pops into my head days or months later.

And laughter, even at my own expense, is a treasured pleasure.


  1. not more than a week ago, i tried to use the phone as the remote. different but the same and there is more, but my memory is so bad I can't tell them to you right now. as soon as I click publish my mind will flood with the tricks it has played on me lately. i got a great chuckle out of the maxi pad. whoops! love it. keep laughing

  2. Laughter, even at our own expense, is good for us! Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

  3. A very funny slip of the tongue! I wonder if the others laughed, or tried to be polite and not say a word. YES, I do the remote thing all the time. I try to make a phone call with the T.V.remote. I have a big box of my daily pills and I try to take a pill with the remote. I have used every bad combination there is! SO, are you getting a tablet, maybe an iPad?

  4. Laughter is the best medicine.

  5. Have you ever been talking on your cell phone and you tell the person you are talking to that you can't find your cell phone? I have. I've walked around from room to room looking for it, all the while holding it to my ear.

  6. Technology and I aren't in the best relationship.
    Thank goodness for my son rescuing me on many occasions.
    I am happy with my laptop and my cell phone. That's about as Techie as i get nowadays.
    Love your slip of the tongue too. You made me smile. It sounds like me too often.

  7. These days phones can be remotes because there's an app for that.
    I've done similar things and laughing is the best way to go. It's good for the health.