Saturday, July 5, 2014

Secondhand memories

Granddaughter Molly Kate awaits the cue for an opening number appearance. (Photo by Katie Skupien)
I missed granddaughter Molly Kate’s “Alice in Wonderland” dance recital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this May.

A Molly Kate hug for Alice in the opening number (Photo by Jeremy Skupien)
In addition to MK’s involvement, Mom Katie, a dance instructor and alum of the same studio, choreographed the group dances for the class she teaches and for the big opening production. It was the first time the studio owner had passed the opening number choreography to one of her instructors.

The dance saga of Alice begins. (Photo by Jeremy Skupien)

Alice (Photo by Jeremy Skupien)

Granddaughter Molly Kate, the “daisy” with glasses, performs with fellow dancing posies (Photo by Jeremy Skupien)
The photos by Katie and our son Jeremy--proud papa and husband, are relieving my disappointment a bit. And there is the anticipation of the dance studio’s video that will be available in August.

I also enjoy the glimpse of the solo performances via Jeremy's photos. Although not her choreogaphy, these soloists were Katie's students.

Mad Hatter (Photo by Jeremy Skupien)

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 Cheshire Cat (Photo by Jeremy Skupien)
Both our daughters-in-law are talented dancers and their daughters are following in their footsteps.

We did manage to attend our two Georgia granddaughters’ recitals on our way to a wedding in Virginia. Photos and video were not allowed, but I do have Technicolor memories. 

Maybe next year I will have even more firsthand memories of performances involving the contributions of all our dancers, both growing and grown.


  1. amazing dancers and amazing photos of the action.. would love to have seen this myself... i just showed bob the photos. we love So You Think you can dance. when he saw them, he said they have to start somewhere and these will be ready for SYTYCD by the time they are 18

  2. It looks just wonderful, and SO professional! I am sorry you did not make it. And yes, I would recognize Molly Kate anywhere! They look adorable in their little green dresses, and the Mad Hatter is dressed perfectly. The first picture is awesome! Alone and waiting for her cue.

  3. Wow, dance recitals have really improved. That looks like a Broadway production.
    So hope you can get the video but the pictures had to ease the disappointment some.

  4. I know you were disappointed to miss the recital, but what WONDERFUL photos you have! You son captured some great shots.
    I didn't realize that so much dance talent ran in your family either! The recital looks like a job well done :)

  5. Fantastic photos.
    That first one is a prize winner.

    So sorry you had to miss the beautiful recital but I.m glad you have technicolor memories.

  6. I attended Rita's recitals for years. Now granddaughter is all grown up and managing a salon. Too bad your could not see the recital first hand. I know after a while, attending all the various events becomes overwhelming. I just hope I can make it to a sports event when I visit my grandsons.

    That Mad Hatter is wonderful. Love the posies too!

  7. Marvelous photos!! Wow @ the Cheshire Cat. I know you were sad to miss the recital, but the images help a lot, I'm betting. Your granddaughter is just darling and she seems really happy dancing.

  8. Gorgeous photos, wonderful dancers!