Sunday, July 13, 2014

Colonoscopy time

Linda in lovely pre-op attire
Tuesday, June 8, I finally had the colonoscopy that had been previously scheduled for June 2011. My April 11, 2011, hemorrhagic stroke canceled that and any other appointments for more than a month.

But early last Tuesday Husband Walter and I walked out of the waiting room, following the nurse who would be in charge of the pre-op routine for my colonoscopy.

Pooh--colonoscopy mascot?
“Your bed is right over here,” Nurse Pam said. 

The cartoon characters adorning the wall startled me. “Winnie the POOH and friends. That’s appropriate,” I blurted. After the prep I had endured the day and night before, my emphasis on “Pooh” was definitely warranted.

Pooh and pals

Winnie the Pooh and friends frolicked at my bedside. Then I was out. The next thing I knew Hubby was leaning over me in recovery, assuring me that all was well with my gastro plumbing.

All wasn’t okay, though. My next conscious action was an attempt to clear my throat. Swallowing, hacking, coughing—all futile; all causing throat pain. Attempting to talk hurt and my voice was almost non-existent.

I had gone in that morning fine. I woke up with unusually copious sinus drainage and a sore aching throat. I was sure someone had crammed hoses down my throat after I was “relaxed,” medical speak for knocked out. But no, the anesthesia had been administered via the IV.

I spent several days limiting myself to liquids and soft foods, starting a round of antibiotics and decongestants, and limiting contact with most of humankind. Friday, however, I abandoned caution and returned to eating salad and Hubby’s homemade pizza. It was an almost pain-free gustatory delight. I’m on the way back!

And hats off to my personal Pizza Man!


  1. Oh gosh, I'm so glad it is all over!!! And I must say that you DO look fetching in that hospital cap!

  2. Yay, glad that is over, and an unusual complication for you. I have one scheduled soon.

  3. It's too bad you had that sore throat, but glad it wasn't more serious.

  4. i agree with Ginny, you do look very fetching in that outfit and also you might want to purchase one including the cap because it makes you look at least 10 or 20 years younger...i wonder if it was the anesthesia that hurt your voice. i have never had one and never will. any anesthesia makes me ill, glad all is well. and you are back to eating
    you might owe me 18 dollars. i finished the book your reccomended and now have add the next 3 in the series to my wish list on Amazon. they are 5.99 each. i did love Doc Face reader....

  5. I really had to giggle at the Pooh reference. Too funny! You look cute in your surgical attire and such a big smile after all the "prep" that went into this occasion. :) Glad all is well now!!

  6. But what are colonoscopies for but to make us miserable? I know they are important, but bah humbug! I am scheduled for another endoscopy in September. Although this is the camera capsule version, I still have to go through the beforehand prep. This procedure looks at my small intestine and goes where no one has gone before.

    Happy to hear your throat is recovering thanks to pizza guy.

  7. That you can smile after a night of prep is amazing though I am sure "Pooh" helped. So glad that you checked out OK but that throat business would have concerned me. They had no explanation?? Maybe a reaction to the anesthesia??
    Hopefully that is completely past you now.

  8. My friend is having hers today. It's the prep that's the worst. (Well - except for your sore throat afterwards.) Someone with a funny sense of humor put Pooh in charge!

  9. Yes,'Pooh' is the perfect mascot for colonoscopy patients!
    It's good that you still had the energy to smile, following your day and night of prep:) Aren't you glad that's over?!

  10. Trust you are doing well now.
    Freda from Dalamory