Thursday, April 3, 2014

Special minutes of music and visiting

A pre-concert visit: Niece Amanda, left, me and Husband Walter (Photo from Amanda's iPhone)

My brother’s oldest daughter was in Mobile, Alabama, yesterday on tour with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s choir Doxology. Husband Walter and I were able to make the 70-mile drive to attend the choir’s concert at the University of Mobile.

Amanda is working toward her master’s degree. All 16 Doxology members are graduate students at the seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. 

They are spending the first week of their two-week spring break on the concert tour. The mostly a cappella concert was a joyous and moving experience of worship.

The choir gave old, beloved hymns new life. But unlike some praise band variations of familiar hymns I have encountered, the selections we heard yesterday stayed true to the hymns’ messages and melodies. 

Vibrant arrangements and beautiful voices touched heart strings instead of assaulting my ears. That last observation reveals my "elder" status even without the photo.

And, of course, I was especially moved by Amanda’s solo in the choir’s rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Following the concert we lunched with her and friends at the university cafeteria.

Then our visit with Amanda was over. The choir members had to load their two vans and depart for the evening's next concert in Pensacola, Florida. It was a wonderful visit, just too brief.

One of the pluses about getting older is seeing the paths that our siblings’ children are taking. It is a privilege to watch their growing maturity as thoughtful and caring young adults.

Blessings indeed for Uncle Skupie and Aunt Linda. 


  1. First let me say that you are looking beautiful and so good!!! Your niece is just gorgeous, and must have an amazing voice as well. I think she was very blessed to get to see her aunt and uncle!

  2. i agree with ginny, all three of you look fantastic.. i would have enjoyed this concert a lot... sounds beautiful

  3. A lovely family portrait. As I get older I really prefer the old hymns. Bet it was a great concert.

  4. I love music and I love that beautiful photo of the three of you. I am glad you were able to attend the concert.

  5. P.S. I read your comment regarding the stepping stones to David, and we have decided not to install them in our yard. You are right, they can be dangerous.

  6. What a double blessing you had! First to enjoy such a wonderful concert, second to have a family member participating :)

    PS I'm with you, I still like the older versions of hymns best,and, yes, I guess my age is showing, too!

  7. What a wonderful day and how special to be able to share in with your niece.

    Blessings from Dalamory

  8. What a handsome trio you are.
    It’s good to enjoy good music and when it’s performed including family members it’s even better.

  9. It is thrilling to watch our children and family members grow and develop into amazing people.
    I feel the same way about my kids and how they have become such wonderful adults.

    Glad you could go to Amanda's concert and enjoy the music.

  10. Uncle Skupie...I love it. Indeed, watching the youngsters branch out on their different paths is exciting.

  11. Uncle Skupie...I love it. Indeed, watching the youngsters branch out on their different paths is exciting.