Saturday, November 23, 2013

What I’m reading lately

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for someone who enjoys reading fiction, I recommend Fannie Flagg’s Redbird Christmas. This is a feel-good Christmas novel. A strong cast of characters, including a redbird named Jack, packs its 240 pages.

Flagg wields a deft touch in her portrayal of Southern cultures and environments. She also captures the human heart, from heartbreak to healing kindness. Set in Lost River, Alabama, both the residents and life in the small town could have been inspired by scenes from my childhood.

There were, for example, my 32 aunts and uncles, all gone now. That included the in-laws grafted into my parents’ families. All of them, except two of the spouses, were native Mississippians who grew up on farms in tight-knit, rural communities.

Then there were the colorful characters who were in my life during the time we spent on our primitive houseboat on the West Pearl River in Louisiana. From my pre-school years until Hurricane Camille smashed the houseboat when I was a young married, my family and I spent part of every summer and many weekends at the houseboat.

We were accepted as transients in the river culture. Whether fishing, gathering muscadines, visiting or going to Mr. and Mrs. Blocker’s artesian well across the river for potable water, small boats and outboard motors were a part of our life.

I treasure experiencing the visit to Flagg’s fictional Lost River, where engaging and amazing events unfold. It was a good read that also resurrected those childhood memories for me. 

The only regret I have about this book is that in a fit of making room for more books, I turned it into our library’s paperback one-for-one swap section. I may just buy it for my Kindle and read it again during this Christmas season. 


  1. I think you have to tell Santa, (hubby) that you need that precious book for Christmas.
    It is more than just a story to you. A hard copy would be great for your shelf but the Kindle would be kinder to you right now.

    You have a beautiful way with words Linda. Keep writing, I enjoy coming here so much.

    Between having 12 for dinner Thursday night, (our small group) and doing the dinner for Celebrate Recovery at our church last night, (we had to step in because the leaders are in Arizona to be with their Dad in his last days) and my being under the weather...not much blogging or just cruising the internet has happened.

    Terrible sentence!!

    I know my brain is on cold meds and this is what develops.

    I love serving but I think I am going to be a blob today....

    Oh my, where did all that come from?

    Think I will close and wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Fannie flag is really a good writer, I don't know if she is still alive?

  3. Yep,Ginny, Flagg is still kicking and publishing!

  4. i just heard a doctor talking on talk show today that said we should all have favorite books that we keep and read again and then again. he said it is healthy. getting it for the kindle is great. i love to read books that bring back my memories to.

  5. This sounds like a book I would enjoy. I loved hearing a bit about your days of living on a riverboat. You will have to tell us more.

  6. Yes, mam, I will look for it, but it hasn't come in to my store yet. :)

  7. She is one of my favorite writers. She has a new one just out."The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion"
    Sounds like you could write your own Flagg type book. What a wealth of experiences you have to draw from.

  8. I agree with Patti, Perhaps you should try your hand at writing a memoir, like the Grass Harp. Dianne

  9. And have a great Thanksgiving. Dianne

  10. I haven't heard of this book, but it sounds like something I might enjoy.

    I enjoyed catching a brief glimpse of your youth in this post :)

    In case I don't get back over here again before, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. It sounds fascinating and is on my kindle list. Blessings from Freda at Dalamory

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